Oct 12, 2015

My half-yearly post

I realized last week I haven't blogged or even thought about blogging in a few months. It doesn't really cross my mind anymore, which is a shame because so much has happened which has gone unrecorded, and I'm sure I've already forgotten most of it. Let me do a quick catch up here.

Firstly, Marnie is 11 months this week. She has the sweetest disposition, and adores her brother. She is currently crying herself to sleep in her crib, and I'm hoping she's not in too much discomfort, as I think she swallowed a coin this morning? #secondchild

Henry is at school, he goes every morning and I pick him up for lunch, apart from 2 days a week when he stays for lunch at school with his friends. He has grown up so much this year, and is still a major train fanatic, loves riding his scooter and going "weelly fast!", and in general has grown into quite the engineer, tinkering with things trying to make them work and building new things. It makes me so happy to watch him play so happily at things like that.

I'm going on 2 years of being a stay at home mom, and have really grown to loving it, although recently there's been a little pang in my soul of perhaps being ready to start work again. But the jarring process of finding a nanny, messing with the kids (and my) daily routine scares me away for the time being. I love this time with Marnie and Henry and hope that even if I push it off for another year or two, it won't render me completely useless in my field.

And lastly, our rock, Mark, has been busy with work and his primary love (apart from his family): crossfit. At this point, he has muscled out of all his shirts and I've ebayed all of them so he can get a new wardrobe to fit his new physique. Call me shallow, but I can't say I mind the muscled Mark. He's really inspiring how much he's dedicated his time and effort into something he loves, and how it has changed his life!

We spent the summer in the US, a couple weeks in Virginia, and a week on a Disney cruise and Disney World. When we came back, we stayed at a Welsh farm with Robbie and Hannah Hamill and their adorable funny little girl, Rhoda. And in an ultimate show of laziness I am going to forego my blog post on Wales for now because Hannah just basically summed it up way better than I ever could on her blog here.

So this update has been pretty boring so far, hasn't it! I'll add a few pictures to spice things up a bit. And here we go...

Me and my Marnie girl xxxxxx

Heading to church, Mark thought it would be funny to give him a book and he looks like Richie

Moon Rivaaaaaah

 Rain rain, go to Spain

Summer funfair in Ravenscourt Park


The Bournemouth seafront

Bonnie and Clyde

Potato chip-off: Which flavor is the best? (Kettle chips won!)

Family train ride selfie

The National Air and Space museum, we all loved it!

A day out shopping in Georgetown

Walking on the National Waterfront to the Nats baseball game!

Saying Goodbye at the airport

Heading to the Disney Cruise

Basically loved this ship and the water

Princess Snow White

We made it to Magic Kingdom! It was so hot.

At Epcot, in "England" with a little lion

Marnie learning Heart and Soul

Waiting for our plane back to London

Back and London and whisked away to the Welsh coast, this was Tenby beach

Our Welsh farm, we had the best time. Ducks, chickens, cows, sheep, and the sweetest farmdog, called D.

More Tenby beach and sweet Marnie

 Me and my babies

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JD said...

A pretty good run down in a small amount of space. Adorable kids.