Feb 20, 2015

3 months, and a blessing.

 Mark gave a beautiful blessing to sweet Marnie June this past Sunday, on her 3 month birthday. She wore a bonnet from the Taylor family heirloom chest, and even though it was a little small (definitely meant for a newborn!), it was so special to have her wear it. I got her a blessing dress that is just beautiful, and I plan to save it for her heirloom chest. You know, if I ever live in a place where we have room to actually hold onto important things like that.

At 3 months, Marnie is the most pleasant, sweet, mild mannered baby. She will just lay on her blanket or sit in her chair and coo and smile and play. She's sleeping really well, and we've heard a few laughs from her. She's grown into a chubby roly poly little baby, and we are all completely obsessed with her, Henry included. 

This isn't the best photo of all of us, but I loved it because Henry put his arms around mine and Mark's neck and pulled us into him for the photo. It was so funny and adorable.