Dec 29, 2006

I am sick and tired. And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It has been long enough since my blog fast began. I should break my vow of silence. I need to get on with the blogging. There is so much to update, especially given the recent occurances within the past couple of weeks.
1. I visited Utah for a few days.
2. I spent Christmas in a swanky DC hotel.
3. I'm leaving tonight to spend new years in a crowded mess of boozehounds in new york.
4. I started working.
5. I may be moving very soon into a new locale, conveniently located near the metro.

I am waiting for a couple other developments to pan out...and when they life will be forever changed!
Or atleast, I will pretend it will be so changed.

Today I went on a job interview, in which I was stiffly informed that I missed. It was last Wednesday. Hardly. I KNOW he told me Friday. I wrote it down, Friday the 29th. Anyway, I believe that they can politely stick it up their wahoos because the job was so far away, I would never in a million years work there. It took me 2 HOURS to travel there. Car, metro, transfer, metro, walk 1/2 mile. No thanks, mr. ican'trememberwhichdayitoldpoorsickgirltointerview. What an unfortunate name.

Dec 10, 2006

Pieholden Suite

There's a whisper I'd like to breathe
into your ear
but I'm too scared
to get that close to you right now
there are dreams we might have shared
and I still care
and I still love you
But you know how I've been untrue
In the beginning
we closed our eyes
whenever we kissed
we were surprised
to find so much inside.

Dec 8, 2006

Its COLD out there today. It's COLD out there every day!

It is so cold here.

It is so cold that I wore two coats to go outside today.
It is so cold, I layed in bed for 3 hours because my toes couldn't handle the thought of being uncovered.
It is so cold, I keep doing jumping jacks to stay warm.
It is so cold, I couldn't bring myself to go outside to check the mail.
It is so cold, I might as well still be living in Utah. Or Alaska for that matter.
It is so cold, that maybe I should put on some other clothes than my tshirt and shorts.
But its too cold to change my clothes.

Dec 6, 2006

Lumps and headbanging

Today I feel different than yesterday.

Yesterday I thought I had cancer. I went to the hospital, had my "lump" manhandled by Dr. Idon'tknowwhatthehellI'mdoing and he cleared me of the ravage. It's just lymphitis, he said. It took him about 40 seconds of hemming and hawing to decide thats what he was going to call the lump. Is it a muscle inflammation? A swollen lymph node? Who knows. Just write something down, man, you went to school for 20 years just for situtions like this.

So how did I celebrate being cancer free? Well, I went to a death metal show, of course.


They are this Brazilian death metal/thrash/hardcore band from Brazil that has been around for like 20 years. 20 YEARS! And I got to witness the madness that is Sepultura.
The androgenous dress and hairstyle of the men and women made it difficult to determine the boy/girl ratio. But I'm pretty sure the majority of the concert attendees were 30-something IT nerds, with a permanent residence in their parents basement. Not that there is anything wrong with living in your parents basement. I'm just saying.
I had my fair share of head bobbing and banging. But this morning, it became apparent that I am just a novice as my head and neck have been racked with pain and tenderness all day.

Today my lump is angry. But atleast its a cancer free anger.

Dec 2, 2006


I think if I start acting really cold and bitchy, I could probably get more dates with high school boys. goes.

Oh wait, that was my plan 10 years ago. It's just so fun.

Dec 1, 2006


Did you know that baby carrots are native to the Americas? Europeans aren't aware of their existance. I guess I don't know about Asians or Africans, although I'm pretty sure the Africans are swimming in a luxurious pool of "baby foods", just a hypothesis.

Also, I have been reading different peoples blogs and in the past week, I have come across 3 different bloggers discovery of the fact that baby carrots aren't small carrots, they are big carrots cut into smaller pieces.

Oh, did you not know either? Well, blogs are revolutionizing the way people think about small root vegetables. We are so fortunate.


Every dance is the robot if the robot is advanced enough.