Dec 28, 2007

takin a break

I can't find the energy or inspiration to write that much on my blog lately.

I'm physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. There are things going on right now (things which I don't care to write about) that are really taking it out of me. My life is taking an unexpected turn to somewhere I'm not quite sure I want to be, but I'm too tired to try and figure things out right now. That's what I get for being a lazy person.

Hopefully I'll find something to write about soon. I do miss you all.

Dec 18, 2007

more pansy than a one-year old

My niece, Lizzy, who will turn 1 next month(!!!) is currently at my sisters house in SLC. With mom in tow, of course. And dad.

Anyway my sister, Blondie*, has a pet tarantula named Bernardo Alberto. She has had it for awhile, and it was in residence when I went to visit her this past summer. I had to sleep in the same room as it and I had nightmares the entire week. Especially because kitties would come and pounce on me every couple hours and I thought it was the spider. The spider is my most intense intense phobia. I am so scared of the damn things, I can't even squash a baby one without shrieking. While I was visiting Blondie, she waved Bernardo's "shed" in front of my face. I thought it was the actual spider and I literally started hyperventilating and sharted on her new couch. I almost died. All while she was laughing with delight.

So Lizzie is down there this weekend to pay a visit to the ole SLC. Apparently she loves Bernardo Alberto. Jenny said she went up to the cage and starting waving to the spider. Like they were FRIENDS or something. My niece is seriously whack. But I totally love her. Mad respect, Lizzie bear.

* I was informed after the publishing of this post that Blondie has now become a red head. I'm sorry. It's hard to keep up. She changes hair colors faster than I go through rolls of toilet paper. Which is fast, what with all the sharting.

Me gusta la iglesia

You may have heard about my penchant for all things Russian. Oh, you haven't? Well, allow me to expound on these feelings. I know half of the Russian alphabet, I can mutter a few Ruske phrases, and I like chai tea. I realize this basically makes me Russian, so watch out for me. Oh, I also carry a communist bag, but that more has to do with the Chairman...which we won't go into right now.

I digress. Recently I went to a concert at the Kennedy Center celebrating Russian music. This event shared some beautiful and inspiring music, as well as some uplifting words about the recently departed Rostoprovich. What I didn't know is that there is a rather sizeable Russian community in the DC area. And that Russian events take place with some frequency.

Last night, I attended an event at the Basilica at Catholic University. It was a new Christmas Oratorio written by the Russian Orthodox bishop of all of Eastern Europe. He was in attendance, as well as the Russian minister of culture. Pretty wild.
The oratorio was performed by Russia's National Defense Ministry Orchestra. Apparently it was a pretty historical event, being that it occured with the knowledge and approval of the highest levels of the Russian government. So...yay.

Anyway it was really beautiful and haunting music. The way you want Russian music to sound - it definitely delivered. But what I loved was the Basilica itself.

I love the architecture of cathedrals. But I missed the more direct "art" found in most catholic churches in south america. Blood and guts and graphic depictions of Christ. Weeping women mourning lost loves and friends. That being said - the Basilica did have an AWESOME depiction of God.

Praytell (no pun intended) - is that fire coming out of his head or just a really cool hat? Either way, sign me up.

Dec 14, 2007

Oh the holidays are such a joyous time!

I just finished my first graduate school APPLICATION!!!! w00t!

And I get to go to NYC this weekend!!

And in about 15 minutes, it's our holiday office party! All you can eat chinese and then happy hour all afternoon. Can it get any better than this?

Oh it can. I just got a christmas bonus!! My first Christmas bonus...grad school applications...weekend trips...I feel like such a grownup.

Dec 7, 2007


For the past few months, I have been getting a bi-weekly call at my office. It rings in from a 1-800 number and it is an automated message from Lane Bryant, telling me about their sale.
For those of you who don't know, Lane Bryant is a store for plus-sized women.

Who is playing a joke on me?? And where can i get that number to send out to my friends??

working my fingers to the bone

I think what I need is a week off of work to focus on school stuff. Work is pretty busy right now, and my life outside work is pretty busy. I could handle one or the other without any problems, but trying to do it together (thats what she said) isn't working.
Only 2 weeks until the GRE and after that christmas vacation!!!

Plus the POTUS just gave the feds the day off for christmas eve! Thank you! Just for that I won't participate in that fruit throwing rally on the Hill.

Now, POTUS, if you would just pass a gosh damn energy bill, then we can really start being friends. I make excellent oatmeal cranberry cookies and I will take you out for tea from time to time.
Think about it.



Dec 5, 2007

Iz not reddy for winterz

I have been trying to buy some boots for awhile. I just want a pair of cute, professional, somewhat sassy black boots. I've looked high and low, but cannot afford most of the boots I like (upwards of $250). So last night I was out doing all the shopping and discovered the Nine West Boot Sale!!

Fortuitous happenstance!

So I tore through the store, picking out boot after boot to try on. Just me and my iPod. Me and Band Of Horses just picking out the boot of my dreams. After about 20 minutes of pacing around the store in each possible new boot and becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to find a good pair, I had to ask someone else.
See, usually when girls go shopping, they go in groups or with another girl so they can get The Opinion. Without this Opinion, they are in danger of making a grave mistake. I can attest to this mistake. Right now, if you look in my closet you will find the following:
1. oversized sweater vest
2. grey jeans that don't fit properly
3. pants that can only be described as culottes
4. black shoes that my mom might wear
5. black shirt with fluttery wing-like long sleeves

I have bought all these items in the past 4 months. I need The Opinion when I shop or I make regrettable purchases. Very. Regrettable.

Anyway I had no shopping partner last night, so I approached 2 lovely looking young ladies. I asked them which boot they preferred. We deliberated and they decided that the boot on the left foot looked much better. (really? but the right boot is so cute! i love the details!) But...they gave me The Opinion I was seeking out. It was settled. And against my better judgement, I trusted that Opinion more than my own instinct.

I returned home with my spoils and put the boots on to take a look in the personal comforts of my home. I put them on and gasped. GASPED. I bought whore boots. How did I not see this in the store?? The pointy toes...the knee length...the stiletto heel...the silver detail on the back...SH*T. I started thinking back on what me "friends" in the store told me. "I like the way that boot makes your foot look arched" or "Those are sexy boots!"

So after some deep thinking, I realized that these girls were not any normal girls. They were probably ladies of the night. And I trusted their opinion because...well...they looked pretty damn hot. But I am not a "hot girl". I am a "cute girl". I buy cute girl boots, not whorrish sexy boots.

I'm taking back those boots tonight. And next time I solicit somebody's Opinion, I will first ask them what their occupation is and whether or not they like cheap sex. Hopefully, this will allow for a more fulfilling shopping experience that will result in my continued cuteness and my decreasing whore-ishness, an image I've been trying to shed since my cheerleading days. Damn the cheerleaders.

Dec 3, 2007

Weekend of friends

No, I'm not talking about these friends, I'm talking about friends from my past, present and future.

I am quickly realizing that I have some pretty great friends. I wouldn't be able to feel as satisfied with life as I do without their friendship. I wouldn't get the joy out of simple things like the perfect couch with the perfect cup of tea. I wouldn't laugh at myself everytime I thought of german girls. I wouldn't have friends to laugh with at the silly situations in which we always find ourselves neck-deep.

Case in point: This weekend, my old roommate and "Best Friend" was in town. We went to school together, shared the same major, and share similar aspects and ideas about life. She went back to finish up school, so I don't get to see her that much. But she was in town for the weekend and we were able to go out a few separate times for dinners, drinks, and various other urban activities. On saturday night, we had dinner at Tabaq, a tapas bistro in the U street corridor. We talked about life, school, love, things that make us truly happy, and our own individual pursuits. It was really therapeutic and just what I needed.

When dinner was over, I wanted to go see my friend play with his band at DC9(a club down the street), but Best Friend was not in the mood. Insisting that she'd rather stay at Tabaq and start reading a nerdy anthropology book(which I can totally get down with), she stayed at the restaurant for about 1.5 hours while I went to see another awesome friend, Ron. On the way to the club, I caught up with a new friend on the phone. At DC9, I ran into an old friend who I've known since I was 14. We put our arms around each other and swayed to the music. After the show, hugs were exchanged and I went back to the restaurant to pick up Best Friend. Then we went home and sleep in the comfort of my urban flat.

I love living in the city and I love the experiences I am able to have. But most of all, I love my friends who make it possible to enjoy what would otherwise be quite mundane.

Loves to all my loves!!