Jan 31, 2013

sometimes i wish...

...that I could stare into the future and know what decisions I should make today to make our family most happy. I know that's impossible, and life is a choose your own adventure, and all that. But let it be known - when opportunity knocks at my door, I am not one to tell it to go away and come back later!

I wish I could also write down all my secrets here, but some things are better left private, I suppose. How boring. ;)

Jan 28, 2013

Henry update: 14 months

The little manchild is now 14 months old and declaring his independence at an early age. 14 months is so fun. Just getting 2  new teeth on top, which brings the grand teeth total to a whopping 6! ;)

Current likes:
Hiding around corners and stepping out to say "boo!"
Reorganizing the pantry and dressers
Music with a beat
Helping empty the dishwasher ;)
Climbing stairs
Standing on my feet while I make dinner
Putting anything through the mail slot on the door

Current dislikes:
Getting dressed
Diaper changes
Running out of cereal
A closed bathroom door
Getting in the carseat

Growing vocabulary: new words he's saying: circle, snow, boat, helicopter (coppa!), please (pees!), star, fish (shhh), Tia (gia! - what he calls his Portuguese nanny)

Jan 23, 2013

A few things.

I started watching Parenthood on Netflix (since everyone else was talking about it, I couldn't resist checking it out). It's so good and so addictive.

Henry started really getting into dancing the past couple of days. He'll pick up each foot as he stomps back and forth. It's pretty irresistible.

Hen also is 14 months now. He is finally starting to eat good dinners. Not consistently, but we have a few good days each week. Typical baby dinner includes: beans (black or pinto), greens (broccoli or green beans), fruit (grapes, lately), and lentils or rice. And always, always avocado.

I went to the Green Inaugural ball over the weekend. I need to write about it, it was insanely fun. I brushed shoulders with all sorts of interesting and famous people, and I even was a reporter for a night!

My eyes were burning this past week, until I realized it was due to these makeup remover pads I've been using - CVS brand. About to throw them away and try using coconut oil. Have you tried it?

Mark and I are now starting our mornings with a hot cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon. It's supposed to flush out your kidneys and alkalize your blood. I will report back to let you know if I feel different! Trying to adopt some healthier ways of eating, and I'll start here!

Jan 18, 2013

I went to New Orleans

I gained...10 pounds in 2 days? New Orleans is like...an experience. You can't really plan a good itinerary - I think you just pick a neighborhood or a street and start walking. That's your itinerary. I went for a business meeting and stayed right on the corner of Bourbon and Canal. I know it's hard to get a feel for a place in 24 hours, but I feel like I get it. I get why people go crazy for New Orleans. You can walk down a few streets and eat pretty much whatever you want, while hearing live music, seeing performers/dancers/artists, and taking in the beautiful architecture, history, and the amazing shopping.

And the beignets. Oh I most definitely had my share of those fried little sugar bombs.

In case you are looking into New Orleans, or headed there soon, here is a brief itinerary of what I did:

First I went to a meeting. That was sort of fun, and I wore polka dots, which was really fun.

Muffuletta: Central Grocery. I asked for a half because these sandwiches are HUGE, but the chef gave me a whole sandwich...as a favor? I could only eat half, but this was the first place I went and I knew I had to save my appetite for other things...

Beignets: Cafe du Monde, of course. Afterwards it's fun to walk around the French Market and check out the artists coop and little souvenir shops. I bought some Aunt Sally's pralines to bring home for Mark. They are also little sugar bombs.
I also went to Cafe Beignet which was totally charming and little birds joined me at my table while I ate my beignets. But I thought Cafe du Monde's were much better! But it was nice to have a more low key setting. Cafe du Monde is sort of a tourist trap and madhouse, but still a fun experience.
Shopping: I LOVED walking down Royal street and checking out all the cool art galleries, vintage shops, and random shops like a hat shop (I tried on a bunch of feathery costume-y hats with a store clerk - fun!), and I found a bookstore called Kitchen Witch that was filled bottom to top with cookbooks and records. That was it! Mostly cookbooks. The owner was a former chef who decided he was finished with the fast paced life of restaurants, so settled down in The Big Easy. I loved this guy and his shop. He almost convinced me to give up everything in DC and move my family down there to do...who knows what. Open up a shop selling vintage tins, watercolors, and baked goods (My secret fun idea of a good shop).
Live jazz: I headed to Maison Bourbon on Bourbon street to hear some old school jazz from a guy who sounded and sort of looked like Louis Armstrong. It was so charming!

Go for a run/walk down by the river: There is a really nice, well-kept park and running path right next to the Mississippi with great people watching and great boat watching. Check out the barges and ships riding along the Great Mississippi and imagine you are back in the days of Mark Twain. 

It was a great trip and I'd love to go again, maybe this time with a little more salad in between my beignets. Honestly by the time I left, I felt so sick from eating sugar and grease, but oh MAN is that New Orleans food pure comfort!

Jan 15, 2013

The sun'll come out tomorrow.

What HAPPENED this weekend?! It truly was the best of times, the worst of times, etc.

After my dumb Friday, things seemed imminently better, and they were for a minute. Saturday took me to Georgetown for a little carefree shopping trip sans-baby, then we schlepped the family (Hams included) to 2Amy's to meet up with the visiting NYCers. So fun to catch up with the old gang. After which, I stayed in the neighborhood while Mark took Henry home and put him down for the night, and I was Cristy's date to a ethereal Parisian concert at the National Cathedral. After which, we went to 2Amy's (2 times in one day - a new record!), and had some of the best girl chats I've had in forever. It was such a fun day. Until 2am hit, and I was up making friends with the bathroom. Nothing worse. Nothing worse.

The next day I was useless, so Mark took care of Henry the entire day while I laid around like a wet rag, sleeping, and moaning about my stomach. "I will never eat cheese again", I pledged, assuming this was a bad spell of lactose intolerance. Cue 2am that night, Mark was up making friends with the bathroom. The 24 hour thing hit our house. And I can't believe I thought I was that sick from cheese. Stupid.

Anyway, we are luckily all pretty much back to normal around here. I'm just waiting for poor little Hen to get sick, but so far no sign. I laid out all new clothes and towels last night because I had assumed he'd be up sick. I'm praying so hard he stays well! Nothing worse than a baby throwing up!

So now it is Tuesday. And I leave tomorrow for a couple of days for a business trip, and I feel like this week is over already! And you know what, I miss Henry. I didn't get to spend enough time with him this weekend and I've been sequestering myself from him this week. He is so much fun lately, honestly, I cannot get enough of him. He hides behind corners to jump out and say "BOO!". He reads to himself from his favorite book "Boom! Mooo! Kitty!" It's pretty great. He dances to Hot Chip with me and plays the drum and piano. I need more Henry in my life.

Jan 11, 2013

Looking for the bright spots

I am realizing something about myself. I am not good at understanding what is happening as it is happening. I need a few seconds, minutes, hours to process it and even after I process it, I'm like - nooo, no, that's not what just happened...was it?

I had a really crummy day today on many levels. Crum. my. But the brightest spot in my day was picking up Henny after work and we were laughing so hard together that he wouldn't go down for a nap and everytime I went back in his room to pick up his "ba-ba" (paci) he threw on the floor, he would start smiling and laughing - play with me, mama! Ahh, the bright spots.

While I'm at it, I'll list a few more happy things because I'm already feeling a little better.
1. I finally upgraded my operating system on my computer and now it will run flash again! Hooray for youtube videos!
2. I made really delicious oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies this week and had about 3 just today.
3. Our house is pretty clean, thanks to the January cure.
4. I went to lunch with 11 women from my office and it was hilarious and funny as women-only gatherings can be.
5. Also, it was a free lunch. Yay!
6. The stray cat that hangs out in our backyard is finally warming up to me and Henry, and now she waits outside our back door for us to say hello (and feed her tuna, but whatever).
7. Babies.
8. The hot pink print in my bathroom.
9. Ice cold water.

Ok, feeling better. I have a hot date planned with the mister tonight - watching a movie at home! yes! ;) so hopefully I'll shake this off and enjoy the weekend with my guys. I hope you have a nice one, too, despite this January-ness that's settled in my bones.

Jan 8, 2013

In the spirit of resolutions...

I went to a dance class last night. Modern dance. I chassed and passed across a hard black floor in a room lined with mirrors. Five other ladies my age, who had the grace and form of dancers, probably only silently judged me as I did my best to learn the choreography as quickly as I could. When in doubt, spin or throw your hand out in front of you, I would say to myself.

I've walked by this dance studio with its large windows on H street for years, and often stopped to watch the dancers inside. I thought it would be fun to be them. To just throw caution to the wind - accepting the fact that I'm not a trained dancer - and go have some fun. So I did. It was a great workout, I only felt silly a few times, and other times I felt just free and happy. I kept thinking about two things - Monica Geller's stolen identity person who goes to dance classes and the dentist couple from Waiting for Guffman who don't associate with creative types.

I also am not convinced modern dance is my medium, so I want to try it again, and maybe a few other kinds of dance classes before I make any decisions about my future as a modern dancer.

It was also my second workout since Henry was born. Yikes. New year, new me!

Jan 7, 2013

resolutions. the january cure.

I have a pretty bad track record of keeping resolutions, but that doesn't stop me from making new ones every year! I find it helps me the most if I have a schedule or task list to help me achieve the goals.

One I make every year is FLOSS EVERY DAY. I don't know why that is so hard for me, but it is. I am creating a check list for myself so I can mark it off every day. Maybe I should offer myself a gold star - that could probably boost my efforts even more. Yes, I resort to kindergarten tactics to achieve my goals, so what.

One of my big resolutions for this year is make my home organized. I've grown accustomed to having random stuff laying around, dirty corners, ignoring those piles on the shelves, etc. Whenever I am away from home for a few days, I come home thinking - why is all this useless stuff laying around everywhere!? Why have I not hung anything up on these white, white walls?

So Apartment Therapy has come to my rescue this year with The January Cure. Every day, you are assigned a new task that is not overwhelming to make your house an organized, comfortable, pretty place to be. I spent the weekend cleaning our floors and putting flowers all over the house, including on my nightstand. Waking up with flowers next to you and putting your feet on shiny clean wood floors gives me lots of pride in my home, and gives me confidence because I feel like if I have it together at home, I can do anything!

My next resolution which I am so far 0 for 7, is exercising. But I have my running gear ready, jogging stroller is itching for a run, and guess what - the Atlas Theatre near my house has adult dance classes and I am seriously considering a walk-in tonight to Beginners Modern Dance.

Anyway, just a little insight into my hopes and dreams for this year. Good teeth and gums, clean house, and healthy heart. Here's to a better us in 2013.