Apr 30, 2009

oh yay.

Thank you for your support, friends.

I'm at the end, really. Yesterday went really really well. Today is the last class of my favorite class. Monday is my last class ever. Then 2 finals, and I'm done on the 11th. What?! 

Today is the last day of April. I feel really good about this. Making it through this month was not easy, but I think I've come through it better and stronger in many ways. I feel really confident in the choices I'm making. My decision to move back to DC was tough, and a little heartbreaking, but I really feel like thats where I need to be right now. Go where the jobs are, young graduate student. And the jobs seem to all be in DC. And I love it there, which doesn't hurt. And there are a lot of lovely people that I wouldn't mind living with.

This weekend, for the first time in a while, I'm going to take off entirely from school. TH is coming up on the train tomorrow morning, and we're going to paint this town red before I leave. 

Can you feel the relief I'm experiencing yet? School over, jobs abound, etc. 

I got my cap and gown earlier this week and I hung it on my door. I keep looking at it, in disbelief. It feels so cool to be accomplishing this life goal. 

Apr 28, 2009

cross your fingers for me.

Tomorrow is the big presentation day. I'm going to buy a new shirt and possibly shoes to ease the fear I'm currently experiencing. Once tomorrow is over...smooth sailing.

Say prayers for me that I do not fall flat on my face or say something incredibly stupid. Today I thought - wouldn't it be funny if I just burst into a sneezing fit? You know, the kind where the speaker tries to pretend they're not going to sneeze, and so they keep talking and their voice gets higher and higher and they start talking faster and faster and more nasally, and then - sneeze explosion. Yeah, I had a pretty good laugh about that one during my class just now. Ohhh I need this thing to be over. Haha.

Apr 24, 2009

sunny day, part ii

Today we had a barbeque in honor of earth day. We used plastic cups! And 7/8 of us ate lots of beef! Happy earth day! It was a little chilly from the wind, but overall a lovely day for a picanick. No more teachers, no more books (in 2.5 weeks)...
I kind of like these people from school. It will be so strange and sad to say goodbye! Most are staying in the NYC area, though there are some going to DC, too.
Co-nerds who love Kenya and electricity!
Fun people having fun. How fun.

The smartest guy in my program. And a girl from Princeton. Yawn. (I like them both.)
I told James to make "crazy eyes". He did ok - he's done better.

sun + warmth = happiness

Oh oh oh. Sunny days. Sweeping the clouds away.

The week is over. You know what that means? Only one week of school left! And only one big presentation left! Only 1 paper left! Only 2 finals left!
I'm so happy. It doesn't hurt that it is the most beautiful day outside and I am wearing my favorite blue polka-dot dress again. I'm taking out my summer clothes today. And I might lay on my roof over the weekend and take in the sun. Need to get some chaise lounge chairs and fruity drink maker.
Mmmmm warmth.

Apr 21, 2009


week be over now.

employer give me a job now.

laptop be magically restored to life now.

boyfriend come see me now.

...feeling it you guys...

can i say only 1 week left of hell? yes? ok.

one week left of hell.

Apr 18, 2009

laptop dead. see school computer lab for gnomie.

When I went to Europe last month, one of my favorite parts was being away from my cell phone. I wasn't checking it constantly, or texting random people to say hello, or worried about people calling, etc.

Now that my laptop is officially dead (after being miraculously revived twice), I am no longer a slave. Sure, I stay at school too late and it is inconvenient. But at home - I am free. I read. I think. I talk to people. In class - I pay attention. I join in on the discussion.

No more reading news. No more obsessively checking blogs. No more obsessively checking my email. No more distracting g chatting during class. It's pretty nice. I might take a laptop break for a while (especially because the funds are ltd right now what with my being in the last month of my grad school funds).

Is this a technology revolt actually a technology revolution? I'm going back to analog for a while. Or whatever. I think I am against mobile information devices. Wireless internet and cell phones are killing our culture and Im convinced adding to my own A.D.D.

Apr 14, 2009


i love these hats dearly. i must go hat shopping soon. buy the hat first, then find somewhere to wear it. i love the last one the most.

coming back to it.

you guys. you GUYS.

still not counting down the days, but in less than a month i will be done with school. can't start counting the days till there's less than 2 weeks to go. i just can't do it.

what i can do is tell you about the weekend i had in DC.

Friday: 1 out of 5. spilled diet coke on my laptop. 2 job interviews. saw jen and family. awkward double date (i loved everyone on the date, but we didn't work together as a foursome. yikes.). yummy dinner of mussels, scallops, and dessert was chocolate shake!

Saturday: 4 out of 5. laptop to mac store, maybe fixed? work at TH's office. makeout at TH's office. dinner at delicious Puerto Rican restuarant (Salsa Cafe). movie at cute old movie theatre. candy.

Sunday: 5 out of 5. easter. food. candy. families. TH. goodness.

Monday: job interview. computer works again. all is right in the world.

What a weekend! I'll keep you posted on the job interviews. Trying not to focus too much on them, especially since I should be dedicating all of my next 2 weeks to SCHOOL. Really, just 2 more weeks of the hellaciousness. Then it calms down. Then it's over.

Apr 9, 2009


I should definitely be asleep right now, but I found this link and maybe the delirium is setting in, but I laughed so hard at this:
Bacon-wrapped french toast stick Stonehenge.
Click on the link. JD - could you incorporate this into your next breakfast soiree? And Eric, I immediately thought of you when I saw this. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this is your creation. Respect.

skipping town.

Lovin up on Mr. Yogato. Sporting some new glasses. Bein nerdz.

You would think that because I'm in the last month of grad school I would be totally consumed with school and no time for anything else. While that is true monday - friday, I am taking back my weekends. Last weekend I went to DC for parties. This weekend I'm going to DC for jobs and Easter. I deserve it. I am at school from 9 to midnight nearly every night for the past 3 weeks and it's only going to get worse. So I dedicate all my weektime to school, and then party on the weekends. It makes sense - that's how it should be right? (no)

I just e-filed my taxes and I'm getting a decent kickback from the government for going to school! Make sure if you're a student you are applying for the Lifetime Learning credit. It's awesome. I can live in the city for another couple months now! No more bailouts from papa mickey.

Anyway, I'm taking off on the amtrak after a dismal bus experience last week. Then I have some job interviews set up for Friday and potentially Monday. I haven't set a "job-by-xx date" deadline yet, but I'm thinking I should? Ok. Job by June 1st. Because let's be honest - I won't be starting until atLEAST june 1st. I would love to take time off till mid-june...but I don't see how that is financially possible. However, I do believe in miracles. So we'll see.

Apr 7, 2009

dedicated to lars


1. congratulations on being pregnant!! i'm so happy for you. i took this picture in honor of you, even though this is your first time - this is inspiration to keep it up. ha.
2. look how long my hair has gotten since last year!!
(last year)

(this year)
i'm so happy for both of us.
we are truly achieving our life goals.

driving on the wrong side.

I have always been a good driver, but apparently my past 2 years spent car-less have taken a toll on my skills. I used to be a smooth driver, hugging the curves, easy on the brakes, keeping a steady pace. But now - I'm uh, not. I jerk and stall, I run red lights, I do the "california roll" at stop signs. I've also started talking to myself in the car and turning down the radio to "think" a la my mother. No offense, mom.


The worst part is that the previous status quo of TH handing me the keys every time we walked to his car has been replaced with a generous walk to the drivers side door, or a reluctant "do you want to drive today?" Blerg.

Do you think I should get a car after I get a job? It would be fun to have a car again. Especially my little Karman Ghia I want so badly.

Apr 2, 2009

Strange currencies

I was walking down the street this morning and I saw a pregnant lady. I have to say, it was shocking to see her belly sticking out, thinking of the life growing inside of her. She looked so happy - not uncomfortable at all.

And now I reflect: Seeing pregnant ladies in nyc is strange. I hardly ever see them, probably because i'm at school all day and if i ever go out, its usually late and maybe pregnant ladies go to bed early? I don't know. But seeing pregnant ladies at grad school just doesn't happen. I think it's illegal for grad students to be pregnant. It's like a concert pianist who has a side job as a sword juggler - it's just not a good idea.

Also never see children. But I do see a lot of dogs. Hmmm...

Apr 1, 2009

London last day

We went to Hampstead in the morning - my new destination for my life after grad school. It was such a lovely day, warmish, sunny, and perfect. TH found an awesome graveyard. Super old graves with trees growing everywhere, even on the headstones. Karl Marx was buried there, too.

Hampstead proper was awesome. Like I said, I'm moving there as soon as job-ly possible. We shared this delicious crepe filled with bananas, pineapple, and chocolate. Yummmm.

Then one of our last meals was on this sidewalk, in front of this awesome store, Seoul Mate. Perfect.
We went to crazy Chinatown later that night for a subpar meal, but still a funny experience, as Chinatown always is.

And that, my friends, was Europe. Moving on...