Mar 31, 2010

bowtie and a haircut.

i feel so fancy today in my sparkly sequin bowtie. got this shirt at the laden showroom in the shoreditch neighborhood of london. great boutique store full of independent designer clothes!

and also, yes, i got a haircut. it's a little messy today, but you get the idea. i LOVE having short hair! easier to wash, style-able, and it's just long enough that i can pull it back in a little pony. it will be the perfect summer cut!

Mar 30, 2010

home wears.

we changed around a rug from the living room to the bedroom and now i LOVE the couch.

It just proves that after all these years, I am still a Person Who Loves Rearranging Furniture. I've been doing it since I was like 8 years old. I used to move around the couches while my parents weren't looking, move my bed to the other wall and the dresser kitty corner (caddy corner?). I have a need to keep things fresh, people. And figure out the best chi for my living arrangement.

Right now that involves purchasing a headboard, an ottoman, an armchair, and another rug. Craigslist is turning up all kinds of lame items as of late. Flea markets and vintage stores, here I come!

Mar 29, 2010

wedding video.

we have a wedding video, my dears. i am in love.

back home and DONE traveling.

still can't find my camera cord...think i lost it...but pictures are coming i swear.

oklahoma was ok. ha - those jokes didn't stop! but, really it was pretty fun to be around family i hadn't seen in a coons age. my dads family is awesome and totally funny. turns out a lot of us look like my grandma - i had never seen younger pictures of her - but she gave us all her cheeks and eyes. so cool! she was quite a babe in her younger years.

we played with babies a lot. and hung out with family telling jokes. and ATE. and watched a weird movie on hotel cable. and mary and clint tried oysters for the first time. mark had already eaten them and i'm sure felt like an oyster connoisseur, even though every time i tell him they look like boogers he gets a little sick and doesn't want to eat them. oklahoma was windy and rainy and beautiful. and on the last night, TH and i drove to sonic for route 44 strawberry limeades and tater tots. YUM!

glad to be home. now comes the hard part - organization.

Mar 26, 2010

weekend tripping.

was splashed by a car driving through a puddle this morning. don't care.
meeting with The Man this morning. don't care.
raining outside. don't care.

ok, maybe i care a little about the rain, but nothing can dampen these spirits! we're taking a weekend trip to oklahoma for a family event. i'm really so excited to see my family again and while it may be tough to be yet again away from home, at least we get to spend some quality time with my favorite people. laura and tony and babies you will be missed! and rob and jo and abby you will be missed! and apartment and big windows to spy on people - you will be missed!

next weekend will be another non-homebound weekend, too, with gen conference and family close by we are bound to end up there saturday and sunday!

have a great weekend. enjoy those 2 days like your life depends on it.

Mar 25, 2010


what do you do when your first grown up couch you ever purchased turns out to be the bane of your existence?

what was i thinking buying brown couch and painting the walls white? we might have to remedy this somehow, unless you guys can help me figure out how to decorate around a brown couch. we have the 3 seater corona in cafe noir. maybe someone has magic up their sleeve?

married again.

TH got home early this morning after 4 days of being out of town. i told him that i had started dating again because I felt like I never even got married. we got married march 6th and had only been at our house for one night since then! but now it's all back to normal. yay.

my sister had her little bebe. 4 lbs 12 oz, and the most healthy small babe you've ever seen! she is pink and looks so strong. they named her evelyn sharon after our grandmother and her hubs grandmother. i love her so much already and can't wait to meet her!

i was late to work this morning because i had to hang out with TH for just a minute before we both left for work. we ate breakfast and here's what it was: 2 macarons from laduree, babybell cheese, and leftover brussell sprouts and pasta. it was the best breakfast i've ever had and now i'm wondering why i've only started to eat french cookies for breakfast now in my life? my day is off to a great start! did i tell you i ate a macaron every day in london? i would walk down to harrods, buy one macaron (rose and pistachio are the best!), and walk around south kensington admiring the architecture and gardens and cute babies everywhere. ahhh salivate. what was the point of this post again??...oh yes. TH is home. turns out i'm pretty happy to be married to him.

Mar 24, 2010


aren't friends the best? i love these ladies and miss them bunches!!! and with TH out of town it feels like i'm just living alone and i keep thinking - why am i not living with these girls? ha - TH i think it's time you come home before it's too late. i kid, i kid. but seriously - get back here!

warmer weather means outdoor games and fun is coming soon. can't wait to rent boats on the potomac and take weekend trips to the beach and stay up late taking in the warm summer night air with friends!

Mar 23, 2010

everything is changing.

you leave for 2 weeks and boy, things totally go nuts.

new husband.
new apartment.
new car (to me).
new last name (as soon as i make it to the name changing place).
new haircut (pictures to come. a london haircut.)

and it's not just me changing.

my sister is just about ready to have her baby girl! she isn't due until may 7th, but looks like she's coming early. i'm just praying so hard that everything goes smoothly and laura and tony can be calm and peaceful (which truly isn't hard for them - they are so relaxed and calm all the time!).

i'm fighting all urges to hop on a plane out to utah to help out and be with laura and her family. it's so hard being away from family sometimes!!

Mar 22, 2010

joshua brown photography.

joshua brown photography.
you'll be seeing a lot of his work on this blog. we are buddies from new york and he is a nyc based wedding photographer. the stars aligned and he was able to shoot our engagements and wedding day. he did some video work that i might include on here, too.

we are so happy with how everything turned out and he captured so many memories for us! plus we felt like movie stars the entire weekend with his huge camera and assistants everywhere. hooray josh, we love you!


mostly, anyway.

we're back from london as of 5pm last night and what a welcome home - it was 75 degrees and sunny and coming from the 50 degree rainy london weather, i nearly cried. we drove home with the windows down and the music up, then walked around eastern market for awhile, just dying at the good weather. love love love.

i need to upload pictures along with a billion other things (i.e. 2 weeks of laundry, finish moving in, oh yeah open wedding presents), but just wanted to let you know we are back. and we are very very happy about it.

dc is wonderful and perfect for us right now. so glad we live here and so glad for all the lovely family and friends we have close by.

gah, ok and now it's raining outside, but i have no qualms. in fact, i don't even mind it. just so happy to be HOME and not living in hotel anymore. and now i get to start living with a boy. wish me luck. good sign is that he did the dishes last night and we watched 3 episodes of friends while eating Thai take out. so i can say that so far, so good.


Mar 15, 2010


it all came together and in the end, nothing really mattered except the love particles floating EVERYWHERE. last weekend was the craziest celebration of love i've ever been a part of, and to think it was to celebrate the love I have for my dear mark!! (TH as we so endearingly call him here). our family and friends are the best - i'm convinced. i just don't know how i got so lucky to have them all in my life!

more recaps to come...

just back home for a day from warm and sunny guatemala, and leaving tomorrow for london.

cheerio, dahlings.

Mar 3, 2010

doing things.

last night was awesome. thanks to the lovely cristy, i found the perfect accessories for wedding day 2010. then we came home and made a good dinner and i treated TH to an hour of television. funny how much he gets a kick out of TV. i mean, sure jon stewart is hilarious, but i don't know. TH was so appreciative that he gave me a backrub without me even asking or begging like i usually do (pathetic, i know). anyway, i was quite pleased. he left at 10pm and i was exhausted. i slinked upstairs to go to bed, and because i normally come home at like midnight or 1am lately, i usually just push everything off the bed and crawl in. and try to ignore the growing piles of stuff on the floor.

but last night i was still coherant enough to realize i was living in squalor. so i stayed up past midnight throwing things away, hanging up clothes, and packing up to move my stuff in a couple days. and guess what? i still didn't find those gift cards! where are you, little guys? mama needs a new something for free, please!

i also started packing for our honeymoon part 1, and tried on some swimsuits. luckily it was one of the last things i did, because then i was able to crawl into bed pretending that i didn't just see myself in a swimsuit. then i woke up this morning and did 200 situps and 20 pushups and some lunges. cause you know, that's gonna make the difference in 3 days. gah.

ps did i tell you where we're going on honeymoon?
part one
part two


holding breath.


Friday shapes up similar to Thursday with partly sunny skies and highs in the low-to-mid 40s. A steady breeze from the northwest around 10-15 mph keeps things feeling kind of cold. Lows Friday night head for the upper 20s to low 30s Confidence: Medium-High

Nicest weekend we've had in a while. Plenty of sun should push highs to the upper 40s to low 50s on Saturday, and mid-to-upper 50s on Sunday. And don't forget there's an increasing amount of daylight time to enjoy the sun, with Saturday's and Sunday's sunset at 6:06 p.m. and 6:07 p.m., respectively. Saturday night lows dip to the upper 20s to mid-30s. Confidence: Medium

Mar 2, 2010

i lost my wallet this morning.

retraced my steps and found it laying on the sidewalk in front of a large apartment building.

i am stupid. i'm also glad someone is watching out for me during my moments of stupidity.

see, what did i tell you??

Mar 1, 2010

absent mindedness

in the past 2 weeks i have:

lost my keys twice.
forgot my wallet at home only to realize it had been in my purse the entire day.
worn my cardigan inside out for an entire day without realizing it.
bumped into a million things.
been incredibly distracted at work.
forgotten a friends name.
misplaced 2 gift cards (nordstroms? where are you!).
drove to the mall and couldn't find my wallet, so drove back home still unable to find it, then realized it was in the drivers seat. i've been a little spacey lately. i'm hoping it's just because of all the wedding stuff, because if this is who i'm turning into, i'm getting out of here.

it's march. it's wedding week.

ok, well this really snuck up on me.

how does 3.5 months go by so fast?? it is march 1st, i'm getting married march 6th! so i'll spend the next 3 days crazy busy at work, trying to wrap things up before i leave for 2 weeks. and then family starts to trickle in wednesday night. wedding festivities start thursday and by saturday night, i'm going to need the vacation we're taking!!

this weekend was glorious, though. i spent saturday morning with two of my favorite ladies at the blue duck tavern for brunch and then to the kennedy center to see a matinee of the great gatsby ballet. with not only ballet, but a 10 piece jazz band with singers, and a tap dancer! it was so fun to hang out with the girls and be distracted for a little while from wedding stress. saturday night i met up with TH and we spent the remainder of the weekend working on the apartment. building ikea furniture, buying rugs, hanging shelves, hooks, and setting up the TV. it's taking a while, but i think we will have most of it done by this weekend. yay!

any last minute tips for enjoying the wedding week with out getting too stressed? also dieting tips are totally welcome.