Jun 29, 2008

How it pours

Every Sunday since I've been here it has rained. Every Sunday I get caught in the rain. I still haven't gotten an umbrella (stubborn? broke? maybe both?). Today I got caught in one of the worst downpours ever and I calmly walked 3 blocks to my apartment from the subway while everyone else took cover under building awnings and various scaffolding. I walked, feeling the rain trickle down my face and it was one of the most cleansing showers I've taken. Not physically, but emotionally. I felt something bigger in that rain as tears poured out of heaven and out of my own eyes. Its been kind of a tough week. I'm trying to be strong and regroup today. Take a deep breath, assess the changes I need to make, and plow forward unafraid.

Starting over is difficult, but even more difficult is the act of giving up. I'm not giving up anytime soon. I don't have that chip in my brain. I just wish I had more of the "hard worker" chip. Eeek.

Jun 24, 2008

What have I done the past 3 days?

A lot of this:
And this:
Eating at the 24 hour deli (the yummiest avocado sandwiches) Riding on Trains...Hello Brooklyn
Visiting my school. Columbia has a beautiful campus.

Waiting for Planes. And making flights (phew!)
No, that is not me in the black suit there. It was a very nice lady who helped Teen Heartthrob speed in front of lots of angry passengers so he could make his flight on time.

Stay tuned for an amazing TH story involving girl topics (men have the funniest notions of women things). Oh man, this one is priceless.

It's been awhile since TH was featured on the gnomie blog, but it seems as though he might become a more frequent character in the near to immediate future. Yes, yes it does.

Jun 22, 2008

Geeking out

I have a new friend who works at The Apple Store. He is all tech, all the time. He always tries to get me to join sites like yelp, muxtape, mixwit, etc. Basically he is really into websites and is always talking about computers. That's what most of our conversations are about. It's kind of funny. So the other day I was telling him about this awesome new wallpaper I got for my mac screen.

Gnomie: So, I got some really cool wallpaper today.
Apple Geek: Where'd you get it from?
G: Oh, I just saw it on this blog
AG: Cool. Did you already put it up? What is it?
G: (slightly confused) Um, yeah. It's up. It looks really good. It's a nebula.
AG: Hmm. Did you look into decals, too?
G: Decals? What for? (thinking - like stickers or something for my mac?)
AG: Yeah, like birds flying or a tree or something.
G: (catching on) Oh. Hmmm.
AG: *Blank stare*
G: I think we are talking about 2 different things. I'm talking about wallpaper for my mac.
AG: Oh. I thought you meant the real wallpaper. Weird. This is the first time I've ever thought of something analog first instead of digital.
G: (trying to stifle laughter) Yeah. Weird.

I had some amazing gelato tonight from Grom, this awesome gelateria that's straight off the boat from Italy. They only have 2 U.S. stores, both in Manhattan. I had tiramisu and hazelnut. Soooo amazing.
Also, last night I went to Union Hall in Brooklyn to check out Via Audio and Jukebox the Ghost (a DC band!). It was a really great space - the sound was amazing and the crowd was a lot of fun and both bands rocked the party. So much dancing and fun for all. Plus my friend Bone Malone, who was with me, looks just like the guitarist from Jukebox. So funny.

Guess who'd coming to dinner tomorrow? And staying in the city for a few days? (Hint: It's not Sidney Poitier)

Jun 18, 2008


Have I been adventurous? Of course. Of course, what a preposterous question. I've been so preoccupied with sharing my fears and concerns with the blog-o-sphere that I forgot all about entertaining you all, which is the thing we strive for here at Gnomie, Inc.

So adventures have been a-plenty!(Lie #1)

The first weekend I was here was an east side trip. Checked out the upper east side and hit up a fabuloso Italian restaurant, Vespa, courtesy of Teen Heartthrob. I had some really yummy pasta and veggies with pesto. And thee most amazing molten lava chocolate cake I've ever tasted. Oh sweet purity, I long for you once more. I figured out how to use the cross-town bus, which has proved to be important since my church building is cross-town. This weekend also involved extensive walks around my neighborhood and the lower east side. There are some amazing churches that I need to photograph. Sorry about the lack of photos lately, but my camera is experiencing difficulties. Will be up and running shortly.(Lie #2)

Second weekend was Brooklyn weekend. Not this Brooklyn:

But this Brooklyn: (I must point out that I'd rather of been with my cutie niece Brooklyn. Come visit guys!!)
Went to the Brooklyn museum, fell in love with Japanese wood-block carving, checked out some pretty brownstones, scored a "fun pass" for the subway, back to my island for delicious lower-east-side sushi, union square to eat chocolate at Max Brenner, then later that weekend a trip to the Museum of Natural History. Oh and some H&H bagels, too! Fun weekend, and saw a LOT!

This past weekend was fairly tame. I did a lot of homework (Lie #3), saw a movie in West Chelsea, church, and met a few new friends. Monday was a no school day, so me and a new friend, Jess, went on a little treasure hunt through Union Square. We went to Brooklyn Industries and scored some sweet new laptop bags and then to like 12 different grocery stores, carrying TONS of bags around by the end of the trip, and had a blast! Jess is so much fun and I'm really glad we've met. I have a feeling she's going to make life tons of fun on this little island.

So what is on the plate for this weekend? Hopefully some more Brooklyn, some transportation fun, and beach time!

Jun 17, 2008

Sleep is just a number

Um, yes, hi. So what is the secret to getting to bed at "a decent hour"? I was in bed at 11:30 tonight and I've just been doing the toss and turn thing and it is now nearly 1 AM. I have THINGS TO DO tomorrow, body. Just go to sleep already. For the past week I've been wanting to run in the mornings so I set my alarm for an ungodly hour. By the time I doze off to sleep however, I know there's absolutely no way I will be waking up to run in the morning and still have time to take a girl shower and leave my house by 8:30. So instead I end up pressing snooze about 10 times and have a miserable morning. I've never been an early riser. Just ask my brother.

Robby, do you remember early morning seminary? The only way I ever even made it to 6 AM bible study was knowing if I missed a day I couldn't go out on Friday night. And if I missed 2 days, no going out at all. My father played cruel, cruel jokes on me as a teenager. He knew my weak spots and attacked when necessary. (Though I can't hold it against him that much, on account of I turned out okay and he took me shopping nearly every week - which actually was most likely the beginning of my current habitual shopping problem. Now that I think about it.) Anyway, where was I? That was one hell of a tangent. Oh, yes. Early morning seminary. Whoever thought this up must have a death wish for teenagers. I showed up most mornings with curlers in my hair and spent the majority of class either 1. sleeping 2. putting on makeup or 3. eating donuts. Not all bad.
I do remember crying at the seminary videos, though. I'm very sensitive in the mornings. If you ever want sympathy from me, hit me up in the mornings. Apart from my kitten breath, I'm much more approachable and emotionally connected.

But I seriously digress. Robby, my diligent seminary-going brother was late to class practically every morning due to my inability to get out of bed before 5:45 AM (seminary started at 6AM, ended at 6:50). We were doing good if we got there at 6:20, not even that bad if we arrived at 6:30. I know this made him upset, but he didn't show it too often. I love you Robby! You're a great brother. Sorry I made you late for seminary, but I think we both turned out ok. You're a well-adjusted husband and father and doctor-in-training. And I'm a stressed out college student who STILL can't wake up in time for the important things in her life. Some things never change.

Like, do you still love orange soda and mini powdered donuts?? I would kill for a mini donut right now.

Jun 13, 2008

Things I have learned

What, pray tell, is the secret to living in NYC on a student budget?

1. Not having time to eat decreases food costs.
2. Not having time to shop decreases clothing costs.
3. Not having time to leave school between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM decreases chances of buying anything outside the realm of the vending machine. Which today consisted of diet coke and a rice krispie treat. (droool)

I knew grad school would be tough but ggggggg. This time spent on schoolwork is UNPRECEDENTED. I am not a good student. I'll admit I have some smarts, but studying was never my best feature (duh, have you seen my legs lately?). I don't really know how I'm doing all this studying other than it is completely necessary. I can't fail out of grad school and if that means I get 6 hours of sleep a night and spend 13 hours a day at school, then so be it.

I really really like it. It's just really very hard.

Jun 10, 2008

Non-partisan political vomit

As we are nearing the end of the first decade in the new millennium, it's clear that we still have a lot of growing up to do as a planet.

The habits of previous generations have been developing towards a better grasp of environmental problems and their respective concepts and possible solutions. Looking at historical conservation efforts, environmental groups have not effectively managed issues. Instead of rhetoric and technological pessimism, we need to start looking at solutions and how to implement these solutions. The environment has essentially become a special interest group, with hundreds of individual interests. This divergence in the definition of the environment has created a rift in end-solutions what can be thought of as a dead-end bureaucracy.

A clear loss of environmentalist credibility has inspired an inspired-duo to suggest a shift in policy focus. Rather than short-sighted solutions for the "right now" society, we need to establish greater sources of investment. Money maintains power and power allows ability to mandate what is important. Merely relying on emotive measures to affect change is not an effective policy tool.

Environmentalists should take a suggestion from a successful business strategist.

"Reward success and failure equally. Punish only inaction."

We must do something. The issue faced is where to find these investors? Will the private or public sector be the catalyst in hopefully solving one of the most pressing issues in society?

For more info, read: The Death of Environmentalism: Global Warming Politics in a Post-Environmental World

Jun 9, 2008

Nothing to say, really

It's damned hot here. No AC in my apartment. School is hard. Friends are good. Life is not about finding happiness, but being there. Meditate. Read books. Learn something new. Life can change, you have to make it change. I'm making mine right now.

Jun 4, 2008

Living in the city can be demanding

I have been in the city for two months now. (What? I got here in May and now it's June.) I have already seen so much. I understand how people can live in this city and miss out on so much. I only just took the subway for the first time last Saturday. Second time yesterday. I still have no idea which train is the express, where it lets off and picks up and how to transfer. These are things I hope to find out.

Until then, please enjoy the fruits of my labor, via photos.
Me in the City


Iggy! My idea, come to life!!

St. John the Divine cathedral

Mural of trash.

COAL-Oven Pizza? What is going ON in this city?

Flowers in the Conservatory Gardens

Gnomie goes to church

Central Park

It hard to live in the city, but I'm really enjoying it. There is an endless supply of activities and things to do and see. I just wish I had the time to see it all!!

Jun 2, 2008

on awkwardness

It happens to the best of us. You are planning on playing it cool and being "part of the crowd, etc" and you choke. Every time, you do. What, you don't? Bastard. Well...I guess I have my moments.

Whenever I talk to new people I use words and phrases that I would normally never EVER use. Allow me to present to you awkward phrases from Gnomie's closet:

"Will do."
"Nice weather, we're having today, eh?"

Ok I can't really think of any else right now, but trust me - I have an arsenal of quips and phrases. I especially suffer from something I'll refer to as "The Chandler Effect". When I first meet people I act like a goof. I don't know why I do it, maybe to help them relax or put myself at ease. But it's not always well received (I don't even understand WHY, my jokes are ALWAYS on par!!).

Anyway (yes, anyway) I'm trying to overcome these habits and just act myself. I guess everyone has a little front they put up, and mine has DEFINITELY fallen down a bit over the years, which I count as a success. OMG, I used to be ridiculous and try to pretend I was somebody I wasn't (ranging from drug-addicted hipster to saintly mother-teresa-esque figure) but I'm normalizing. If that's possible.

School is incredible. I don't even know what to say. So much good, so much difficulty, so...much. And my harddrive crashed today so that SUCKS. But now I get to buy a new computer, which RULES!!