Feb 28, 2008

To internets or not to internets

First and foremost, I would like to share the good news with the world wide webternet. My iPod has miraculously returned from the dead. Like Lazarus, it has begun to breathe new life again. I left it at work last night and apparently some little friendly gnomes came by to revive it and work their magic. I'll be testing the battery all day to inspect its new life and terms. I hope it continues to work, God Willing.

So the question on everybody's minds (Gnomie and Iggy) is: Should we get the internets for our new house?

Allow me to make a case for both arguments.

Yes, Internets: Sometimes I need to find a movie time. Or file taxes when I can't do it at work. Or blog from home (I never do this). It's nice to have the information readily accessible if needs be, without walking 4 blocks to the coffee shop with free wi-fi. You can't look at porn on the work computer, so I'm really not getting my fill lately. Google maps.

No internets: I don't want to pay more money. I sit in front of a computer all day as it is. If I have the internet at home I don't read as often as I would or do worthwhile things with my time. There is a coffee shop very close by that is open late and has free wi-fi and yummy teas. Not having the internets at home allows me to be more creative with information seeking and forces me to be unlazy in order to plan things beforehand.

After writing this out, I'm really thinking no on the internets. Can you think of any other reasons for or against?

Feb 27, 2008


Yesterday I got into what may be the silliest fight to date for me.

It was a fight with the boy I referenced yesterday and it was one for the books. Basically this is how it went:

(Conversation on g chat)
Gnomie: Hey I ate that chocolate you gave me. It was really yummy!
Boy: Is there any left?
Gnomie: No, it is all gone.

FastForward 10 minutes

Gnomie: So when can I try the soup you made?
Boy: I don't know. I might give it to my roommates.
Gnomie: What? I thought you said you were saving some for me.
Boy: Yeah, we'll see.
Gnomie: exits g chat

FastForward to later that evening

Gnomie: You were a jerk today about the soup.
Boy: Well, you ate all the chocolate. I was mad.

There you have it. We are serious about food around here.

It's hard to let go

I am a murderer. 2 nights ago, I put a half opened bottle of water in my purse and it spilled over all my purse items, including my iPod. I've been trying to revive it since then, and I even thought it was coming around. I listened to it yesterday but the battery would only hold its charge for about an hour.

Today, it is flipping out. And now I have to come to terms with the fact that I killed the one thing in my life that I love the most (second to mah bebes).

My iPod is dead. I will miss it. Papa Mickey bought it for me almost 3 years ago - with my name engraved on the back. There was music on there that I do not have on my hard drive including, but not limited to: The Arcade Fire, The Roots, and The National.

Sad face.

Feb 26, 2008


I'm feeling very melodramatic lately, as a certain number of events have recently taken place in my life to make me feel so inclined.

1. Boy drama
2. School decisions
3. Work hatred
4. More boy drama
5. Listening to angsty music (read: Blonde Redhead, Sage Francis, Glos)

I don't want to go into too much detail on the ole blog here, but I can't seem to make any concrete decisions about boys, school, or work. And it's extremely frustrating. I've been seeing a couple different guys over the past few months and one of them is kind of sticking, but I'm not so sure I want it to. It's so hard to find comfort in a relationship and to find somebody who you can rely on as a source of love, comfort, support, understanding, fun, and stimulating converstaion. I used to find this fairly often when I was younger. The older I become, however, the harder it is to find a boy who fits into these categories. I feel like I had it recently...and then ran away from it. It was too good.

I have been accepted to some AMAZING grad programs both locally and further up the eastern seaboard. I'm very excited but really scared to make the change and possibly make a move. I know which school I should go to, but I'm thinking about applying to a community college just so I don't have to deal with the scary.

Work is kicking my trash lately and I have been calling in sick and going on vacations to get away from it. I have a really great opportunity to gain some professional and more advanced experience, but I'm terrified. And I don't know if I'll take the offer. I just want to sit at home and do nothing.

I have run-away syndrome. Something starts going well in my life and I get scared and the sabotage begins. I know I can change this - I just need to find my motivation.

Feb 22, 2008


You know that feeling when you are just afraid to do anything and the fear overcomes you and you retreat to your bedroom until you can't stand sitting around in your own filth anymore and then you become inspired to do something great??

I'm still in fear mode. When will it end?

Feb 21, 2008

School Part 2

As of today:

2007: 0 out of 2 (boo!)
2008: 3 out of 5 (wha happen?)
1 decline so far, still waiting on the last application

How can a year change so much to get you into nearly all of the schools you love, whereas the year before your applications were most likely immediately spat upon and burned at the stake?
Don't know but I'm really enjoying receiving all these acceptance letters. It feels really good to know that all my late nights spent working on personal essays, researching the perfect programs and emailing and meeting with professors is ACTUALLY paying off. (Not really PAYING off persay. I will actually be shelling out beaucoup bucks on this endeavor. Ok, ok. Papa Mickey will be shelling out tons of bucks. Still.)

Feb 20, 2008

Hintermountain West

I am on a layover in Long Beach and it is the WORST. First of all, it's raining. Secondly, its 7 AM. Third, there were no departure listings until AFTER you went to baggage claim, so I had to get back in the security line and check my crap through security AGAIN. Plus this airport is all kind of set up outside since you know its "california" - "land of the sun". Well newsflash, CA. You are not much fun when its raining and your visitor woke up at 4 AM after a half hour of sleep because she was up all night playing SCRABBLES with her sisters!!!

I know, I know. I should stop blogging in airports probably. The reasons for this are twofold. One - these posts always tend to be scattered and two - these posts always tend to be complaint-oriented. This will not stop me - I'm bored and its too cold to sleep so this is all I can do.

So trip wrap-up time.
I spent the past 3-4 days in Utah. Baby time!! Sister time!! Family time!! Friends time!! Ohhh I love to visit Utah. It is full of people I love and miss and want to be around all the time.

Oh geeezzzz - there are friggin birds all in this airport. Just walking around on the carpet. Ick.

Anyway. So basically there was a lot of baby time.

And a lot of sister time.

And...a lot of eating. Oh, sooo much eating. German pancakes, big breakfasts, breads, cheeses, fruit, tofu smoothies, pizza, candy, candy, can

And visiting with old friends, Spew and the redhead and Heath Y Jay. And an ex-boyfriend who I probably should not have seen. But I will not go into that. I use my vacations as run-away time. Run away from all my problems and issues -- thats what vacays are all about, right??


Basically I am so glad I have so many people I love that are all conveniently in one place. I just wish they lived closer to me!! And I want to post more pictures, but the internets is being slow and remember I have no patience today. I'm going to go shoot these birds now. They're flying all over the place and I'm over it.

Feb 15, 2008


I mailed off 3 netflix movies on monday. They were just received this morning. wtf, netflix? I count on your hastiness to get me through the weeks. I've been waiting for some good movies to come all week!
1. This is England
2. La Vie en Rose
3. Broken English

It's a pretty good list. A Brit movie, a French movie, and a movie about Parker Posey moving to France. Can't wait. At this rate they should be here by March 1st.
Has anyone else ever waited this long to get their movies? Like the girl who makes tons of money is going to wait that long for a freaking movie service. COME on!

**UPDATE: I think Netflix reads my blog because the movies were finally received today. New movies tomorrow! Hot Dog!

Feb 14, 2008


This year I decided to give a little love to those who mean the most. My friends who enjoy cupcakes, this V Day is for you. Chocolate with raspberry frosting and pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. Yummmm. Sugar overload...

Mixing with my new mixer that will probably die in a week.
The new kitchen and first time apron-usage in new kitchen.
Naked cupcakes


Happy V Day from Gnomie.

Feb 13, 2008


After reading some of this blog today, I feel inspired to save money. I also feel inspired to save money because I do not have much of it since I decided having my own room is more important than having 3 new outfits a month.

I love reading about people my age in my similar situation being smart and making their finances work for them. Yes I love clothes, yes I have a mild addiction to shoes, yes I have champagne taste on a beer budget, but that doesn't mean I have to indulge myself all the time.

I'm making a budget tonight. Details to follow.

Feb 12, 2008

Aaaaaand it begins

I heard from my first school today. I WAS ACCEPTED!!! It's a great school and an amazing program and I honestly didn't think they'd even consider me, and here I am - accepted!
Geez. I didn't get in anywhere last year. And already this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I love 2008.

That makes the score:
2007 - 0 out of 2.
2008 - 1 out of 5.

Beautiful Confederates!!

Inspirational art, nature, and architecture in this beautiful southern city. And it was so warm, too! Wish I were still there instead of this dismal snowy abyss.

Feb 11, 2008

I don't believe I mentioned...

Before all the craziness of The Move and The Business Trip, I went to a ballet. The American Ballet Theatre performed the classic, The Sleeping Beauty. I love a good ballet and I was pretty excited to go check it out, especially with Debbie kickin it by my side. We had a lovely pre-theatre dinner and got settled in our comfy nosebleed orchestra-view seats for the 3 hour ballet.
What I did not expect, however, was that this particular ballet would be starring the one and only COOPER NIELSON*!!! He was the Prince, and the star of the ballet. And his female counterpart? Oh, no big deal - it was only KATHLEEN DONAHUE*! You could feel the energy in the room when they were dancing together. All the pre-pubescent pipsqueaks had no idea why us twenty-somethings were watering at the mouth.

The entire ballet I was distracted with several thoughts:
--Was Jodie Sawyer waiting around backstage to later be blown off by Cooper Nielson?
--Were Kathleen and Cooper talking to each other on stage, exchanging nasty insults about their latest sexshual escapades?
--Does Cooper Nielson really drive that overcompensating motorcyle? Come ON.
--And of course, some classic lines:
Jodi: What about what I want?
Cooper: I don't give a SH*T what you want.

: Here's some cookies(for Cooper). For next time.

Seriously. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm the BEST GO* D*MNED DANCER in the ABA! Who the hell are you?? NOBODY.

*These are not the dancers actual names, but their characters as portrayed in the timeless favorite, Center Stage. To me, they are real people.

Feb 8, 2008

back to life, back to semi-reality

I finally got home last night after what turned out to be a tumultuous business trip. I came down with the flu the second day I was there and experienced a sickness I have not felt in years. I like to think I'm pretty healthy and I rarely get sick. But I had the chills, a fever, the pukies, and a hacking cough that suggested I had been smoking since fetus.

Anyway I don't think I mentioned that I stayed in the Penthouse Suite for the week. Hollaaaaaa. I am never going back to the common mans hotel room. Yecch. Keep your blue collars far away from these midas hands. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Don't be too jealous of my digs. Remember I spent half the week curled up on the bathroom floor.

I will show you some more pictures of the city and all the cool houses and historical architecture after I get through my 100+ emails at work.

And my stuff is STILL in piles at the house.

Feb 3, 2008

This is what exhaustion feels like

I moved.
Well, I KIND of moved. Most of my stuff is in the new house, lying in piles all throughout the spacious abode. But I still have pots and pans and bowls and butter dishes, along with a few other materials in the old apartment. And it's going to stay there until next weekend probably because I just left for a business trip till Friday.
Thats right. I moved yesterday and today I'm sitting in the airport hoping that I packed what I needed...I'm sure I forgot some essentials.

I feel like such a grown-up. I bought my first carry on luggage yesterday! It's actually the first piece of luggage I've purchased that wasn't from the thrift store (and not counting traveling/hiking packs). I threw a couple collared shirts and pants in the suitcase, remembered the swimsuit and zipped up. You should've seen my trying to find everything. It's driving me absolutely bonkers right now thinking of all my stuff lying in piles on the floor of my room and the living room. I hope Iggy doesn't throw all my stuff out and find another roommate while I'm gone! I swear I will clean it up Friday!

My mind is in a million pieces right now. Never move and go on an important trip the day after. I always like to think I'm superwoman, but experiences like this make me think otherwise. I'm also feeling nervous stomach-sickness because of issues stemming from a boy I like. If I let myself, I get so caught up in silly things that don't really matter. I still need that vacation.

Anyway I'm about to go spend the next week in a penthouse suite. Don't be jealous - I'll be lucky if I can get away from meetings to hang out in there. If I do, here's what my time will consist of:
1. Bubble baths
2. Room service
3. Lifetime movies
4. Knitting a scarf
5. Getting in house massages
6. Walking around in the buff

If I get even one out of these 6 items, I will be happy. Even number 6.

Ohhhhh that sounds so nice...