Mar 31, 2008

On exercise

I'm going to be bookending the month of April with workouts. After a 6 month workout-hiatus, I am going back to the gym. I hope to be able to workout a few times a week throughout the month of April, though this might prove difficult with my upcoming work schedule. If I cannot work out with the frequency I would like to, I will atleast complete my goal of bookending the month with another work out on May 1.

I packed up my backpack this morning with all the necessities. Grubby tshirt, workout shorts, old sneaks, fully charged iPod, white socks, and hair ties to keep the sweat off my bangs. It felt so foreign and I was sad to think that I used to do this nearly every day. What happened, body? Why did you give up on the working out? The weird thing is - I have dropped about 2 pant sizes in the past 5 months without working out once. I do a lot of city walking and a lot of lunch skipping. But besides the fact that no pants fit me that well anymore - my biceps aren't the size of boulders and my stomach cannot be compared to a washboard. Yet.

I did 50 sit ups on Friday morning before work and I spent the whole of the afternoon with a tummy ache. Coincidence or am I really that out of shape? Have any tips for staying motivated? Especially when my huge workout goal is to work out 3-4 times a week for only one month. Not that hard. But how does one hold themselves to these goals??

Mar 27, 2008

My latest activities and accomplishments, in no particular order

Easter family time
Look master frodo, an elefant.
Quick! Hide your children!
Le Loup's triumphant DC return
Puzzled? Check.
Upcoming activities: Polish dining, Frozen custard social hour, Saturday technicolor glamour-era-matinee at the museum, Cherry blossoms, marathon viewing(?), ok now I'm just getting ambitious. Lastly - painting. Hey, if we're being ambitious, there's no point in beating around the bush.

Mar 24, 2008

Everybody's workin for the weekend.

My weekends are never long enough and this past weekend was no exception. It was so much not long enough, in fact, that I took the morning off as well. Despite my relatively early bed time of 11:15, I couldn't get up to save my life. I had begun watching Royal Tennenbaums around 10:30 and fell asleep during the first half hour. I had the strangest dreams all night long about work, school, friends, family, you name it. So this morning I called in late to work and then proceeded to sleep in until a blissful 11:30.

I stretched in bed and reviewed the previous nights happenings, stretched some more and went downstairs to the kitchen for some brunch. Today's lucky meal was leftover tuna and white bean salad and an organic (yes, organic!) pop-tart. It was yummy. I brought the two items back to my bed and finished watching Royal Tennenbaums. There's something so delightful about being lazy on a work day. Everyone is busting their humps, and you are kicking back and being slothful. Blissful.

After the eating in bed and noon movie, I threw an outfit together and walked outside to catch the circus coming to town. Literally. Barnum and Bailey came into town today and they had their parade of elephants. I took some great pictures (hopefully) with my digital and my Holga - finally finished the roll.

This weekend was filled with hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, a night in Baltimore - exploring parts of the city I never knew existed, church, easter dinner with my family and an evening of checking out camera stuffs. Oh and another show from Le Loup - DC's premiere (I think) band. Check them out!

It was a great weekend, but every weekend I spend here is so doomsday-ish. I know I only have like 6 more left. I'm having a hard time truly enjoying myself knowing that its all about to change. Am I scared? Hell yes. Has that ever stopped me from doing something before? No way. I just wish it would come sooner!! The suspense is killing me.

Mar 19, 2008

The Neighborhood - Riding the Bus

Part 2 in a series of posts about my neighborhood.

Every morning I have 2 choices. Take the bus through the ghetto (30-45 minutes) to get to work or take the bus through the other ghetto and catch the train (25-35 minutes)to get to work. Actually I suppose I have 3 choices - the 3rd being sleep in.
Anyway, it's never a dull moment on either bus. Sometimes I take the longer bus ride just for kicks - it's just that fun.

Allow me to share some bus stories. Sit back! Relax! Grab a cuppa joe...

Bus Story #1: The books
This isn't so much one episode- rather a reoccurring theme of the bus rides.
People read some interesting books on my bus. I don't mean interesting like 100 years of solitude or a biography on Genghis khan. I mean interesting like this: and this:
I seriously need to start a book club for Ghetto Lit. I'm sure these books must be a fascinating look inside the minds of my peers and neighbors. Or at least the fantasies they have. I'm sure when they see me reading High Fidelity, they just shake their heads and laugh at the middle aged white man on the cover. I'm severely uncool.

Bus Story #2: The Glaring Woman
Some people are very slow entering and exiting the bus. It creates a line where impatient people, like myself, get perturbed and the foot tapping begins. The other day an elderly woman made her trek on the bus. It took her about 5 seconds to go up each step and 10 seconds to put her money in the machine. She stopped in the aisle after she put her money in and I thought she was going to stay in that spot for the duration of the bus ride. I had already deposited my bus fare and so I tried to scoot around her. Well apparently she had been getting her purse in order because at the precise moment I tried to scoot around her she started walking down the aisle. She stopped dead in her tracks and gave me The Stare-down to Top All Stare-downs. Oh, I'm sorry ,I said politely. She shook her head and muttered something under her breath that SHE IS LUCKY I didn't hear. I don't take muttering very well, although it is something I've nearly perfected. But something about that stare and that muttering - I felt so ashamed for the entire bus ride and couldn't even look up from my Nick Hornby book. Now that is shame.

Bus Story #3: The Crazy Man
Now occasionally I will sit next to a crazy person on the bus. The other day it was an African Crier. She cried and cried and whispered things to herself in a foreign language for an entire 20 minute bus ride. Should I have said something to her? I didn't. I just turned up my iPod - I'm empathetic like that. Anyway I sat next to a man last night who was staring at my iPod the entire bus ride until finally he started talking to me about it. We discussed the different iPod varieties and all the pro's and con's of each. He told me about his boyfriend who bought him a shuffle and how he thinks maybe his boyfriend doesn't really love him or else he would've bought him a 160g video iPod. I had to agree with him there - I mean bigger is ALWAYS better, am I right ladies? Actually he wasn't even that crazy - I wasn't scared for my life like I have been with other Bus Friends. He was cute and funny. He even helped me with a game of iPod solitaire.

You see why the bus is so great? You find new and interesting books and genres or fiction. You become humbled. You make new friends. And you never stop wondering Why Does it Smell Like That? or Will I Puke On This Bus Ride? Ahhh, the bus. Truly God's proof that he loves us.

Mar 18, 2008

The neighborhood - new friend

I'd like to begin a series of posts about my neighborhood. This is post numero uno.

Last saturday I was surveying our front yard, trying to figure out what I needed to do to make it less ghetto. Even though we live in the ghetto (in the ghettooo)it doesn't have to feel like it all the time. Now when I say "front yard" what I'm referring to is the 8' x 8' patch of "grass" that is home to a pathetic little tree, 2 trash cans, one recycling bin, and some precariously placed large rocks. It's very sad. This patch was covered with trash, tons of leaves, and sticks and things. I decided that something must be done, so I searched the house for a rake. Not finding one, I was relegated to the plastic bag method - use plastic bags as gloves to scoop up the mucky. Me being the silly froofy girl that I am, I didn't want to get any worms or buggies on my hands, so I armed myself with 2 old grocery bags, one large hefty yard bag, and set out in my front yard to clean up.

I got as far as my front step when my next-door neighbor decided to initiate a little conversation. He snickered at my attempt at yard debris cleaning and offered to help. Oh, no - it's ok. I've got these bags. I'm fine. Without another question he announced he was going to get his rake and help me. Oh god help us all.

Thus began the new friendship of Gnomie and her neighbor, D. He is an urban gentleman, a rare find in this day and age. He has the ghetto fabulousness, but he is sweet and funny, too. We talked about nothing in particular while I held the large Hefty bag and he raked the square of leaves and trash. During this 10 minute escapade, I deciphered the following information out of him:
1. He is living next door with his aunt (he is in his mid-thirties).
2. He's only living there for a "quick minute" (whatever the hell that means).
3. He likes to go for "morning jogs".
4. He takes care of his women.

Look, maybe I ask a lot of pointed questions or something, but I couldn't get any real info out of him. He's the kind of person where you can talk to him for days and days and leave thinking what the hell did we just talk about anyway? We definitely talked about the weather. We discussed our mutual distaste for G Dubya. We discussed plants. BOE-RING.

So D was layin on the flirt pretty hard during this 10 minute tryst. Also I should point out that foodstuffs boy, now designated - R1 - was inside talking on the phone while I was outside cleaning. R1 heard me and D talking outside and came to check out the situation. He stood at the door like Big Brother, checking things out. D looked up and saw him standing at the door.
D -Oh is that your husband?
J - Noooooooo. No.
D - Oh, your boyfriend?
J -(Relunctantly) Um, yes. He is. (anyone who knows me knows that I HATE the boyfriend designation. But how do you explain this to an urban gentleman?)
D - So, not your husband then, huh.
J - No. And don't let him hear you say husband. Boys are scared of that sort of thing.
D - I ain't scared of that sort of thing. You need a real man to step up. A strong man. Someone to take care of you. I take care of my women.
J - Good. That's, uhhhh, good.

As a direct result of this intense 10 minute bonding period, D and I are great friends now. We chat in the morning when I'm leaving for work and he greets me when I come home. He's a front porch lounger, and my personal welcome wagon. He's like a little puppy - always excited to see me. I can always count on D. I just wish I could tell you what his real name is because it just makes his character that much better.

Mar 17, 2008

I actually don't really recall

This weekend was full of revelations. Not like prophetic revelations (that was last week) but maybe more like realizations. I am calling them revelations because they sound more important that way.

1. The phrase "reinventing the wheel" -
I was driving around in my friends car and was pondering what I could do to save the world (true story. I know, I'm ridiculous). "If I'm going to do something monumental, I really need to conceptualize something completely new. Something like the first invention all over again. Like the wheel. I will reinvent the...oh! I get it!"
That conversation actually did take place in my head. Don't judge.

2. I am going to miss DC. I have really grown to love this city, even more so since Iggy and I moved into our sweetly located bachelorette pad. Saturday was spent taking pictures of city scapes such as awesome rowhomes, graveyards, and urban peoples at bus stops. Don't worry that I was taking pictures on my holga and I didn't realize I was shooting on the wrong frame and all my pictures are going to be screwed up. Whatever. I'm so tee - oh'd. Anyway, I finished up the roll on my Brownie and will be processing that film this week. I want to take pics of DC to NYC with me and keep them by my bedside for when I have downtime to sit down and be depressed about missing my friends and hometown.

3. Just because you pay $5 for a small bowl of fries does NOT mean they will taste good. However if you buy 3 Zydeco songs on the jukebox as you are preparing to leave it will make you feel better about the loss.

4. Puzzles and tofu scramble are a good way to spend Sunday morning.

5. I got a new iPod! (Not a revelation but rather an exciting andecdote to be cherished. Thanks for the pod, Debbie!)

Hope you all are having a happy St. Patricks Day. I am (thankfully) wearing green underwear, so no pinchies for me. My friend, Jenny, told me on gchat this morning that she forgot to wear green and instead wore all black. She's trying to change the holiday to gothpatrick's day. I stand behind you, J Core.

Mar 13, 2008

Ohhhhh girls just wanna have, they just wanna, they just wanna-uhhh

Last night I had the discreet pleasure of taking in an utterly girly movie - Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. This was the ultimate chick-flick, in that it had silk robes with feathers, squeaky high voices, tete-a-tete's with a variety of men, makeovers, glitzy glamour, singing, and - yes most importantly - LOVE.

The love part was an essential part of the movie, yes, but I'm talking about when I fell in love.
With him:
Oh, Lee Pace. You are delightful, aren't you? The way you make me swoon in my seat in public. The effortless charm you possess which willed me out of my seat last night and forced my hand to fan my blushing cheeks. You are my husband, lets not deny it any further.

I had a girls night out last night with the Iggster, Mei Mei, and Mary D. I love these girls. It is so difficult to find girls who have as much depth, humor, love, sweetness, style, grace, and kind words as these 3 girls. I feel lucky to have them as friends and - girls - we need to have a sleepover so soon. I'm talking pedi's, mani's, facials, cookie dough, brownie batter, pizza, and smutty magazines and rubbish movies.

Anyway I highly recommend you see this movie. Take your boyfriends/husbands if you must. But if you really want to have a fun girly time-out: go with the gals. It wasn't even all fluff, either. The movie was superbly acted and there were some very heartfelt moments interlaced with all the bubble baths and fashion shows. See it and let me know how it changed your life.

Mar 11, 2008

I can't stop listening to this

It's done

Yesterday I walked into my boss's office and put in my notice that I would be leaving to go to grad school. My heart was pounding, but I had to do it because I was about to get a promotion and I couldn't have felt right about accepting the promotion knowing that I would be leaving in 1 1/2 months.

So after telling my work that I'm getting the H out of Dodge - I'm feeling like this decision is actually real. I really am going to quit my job. I really am going to move to Manhattan. I really am going to Columbia University. I really am going to have a really hard, intense year of studying and learning and growing and trying to survive on my own without knowing a SOUL in the city. It's a bit intimidating, but I'm starting to feel like - just maybe - I can do this.

Another item that sweetens the deal is that I get to quit my JOB! I love working here, but it's been a challenge to get things accomplished that I feel I'm capable on doing. One thing that is definite is this job helped shape my career path and focus my professional goals - I've learned so much about the energy sector, being a "professional" and learning how to behave in an office environment (no, its not ok to turn up your computer speakers when your watching a video with "buttcheeks" being screamed in the background). I've also learned how to keep plants alive in low sunlight, how to smile at people you don't really know who are always walking by your cubicle, and that you must put your name on food items in the fridge or people WILL eat them.

And yet ANOTHER item that sweetens the deal is that right after I quit, me and Iggy are going to go on a vacay for our double birthdays!! Somewhere warm and somewhere with an ocean for me to lay in front of and sip cold beverages as I run my fingers through the sand. Ahhhh...I can hardly stand the wait.

However, with all these great opportunities, I'm finding it really hard to deal with the reality that I'll be moving, leaving the city of poliical love, leaving my dearest friends and my family, going to a strange and unfamiliar place, ugh. I was hanging up pictures in my room last night even though I won't be there for much longer. I'm looking for rugs and furniture for the house even though I am leaving. I'm making new friends in the neighborhood to hang out with, even though I'll probably never see them after April. I can't help but feel a little sad about all this. I mean - it's the END of an ERA!!

Mar 7, 2008

In a frenzy

This week has been abso-nuts with work and school decisions and the whatnot.
However I have made a few really great decisions and reached some conclusions this week.
ALSO I came up with a new word:
Bro-dea: An idea from the bro's. Example: Hey bra! Lets go catch the game and drink beers on our heads! Gnarly!

I think its really going to catch on.

So it seems I have decided on a school. I had to respond to the school by this past monday on whether or not I would accept the offer. I accepted by default - mainly because I'm on the waitlist at the other school I really want to attend. And the waitlist doesn't always pan out. It's kind of like the DC lottery. People will wait in those damn lines and spend money on lotto tickets instead of food and wait and wait and wait to win money. This almost never happens. So I'm kind of bummed.
What this means is that I might be moving to New York City in the next few months. The program starts in June. I'm terrified. But once this is more solidified, I'll let you guys know a little more.

I went to a basketball game earlier this week and realized how much I despise the stupid sport. I thought it was just USU games that I hated (that Lars would always drag me to. Dumb.) but no - its pro games, too. That being said I LOVED the "cams" they put on the megatron thing. I don't know what its really called, but you know my friend, Megatron? She's super cool. Just wanted to give a shout-out. Anyway. So they have a kiss-cam, a dance-cam and apparently a flex-cam, but I missed that.
So my favorite is the usually the kiss cam because it narrows in on really awkward couples. I love it when the attack each other but i love it MORE when one person really wants to kiss the other and the other person is OVER IT. Suckers. They look like such jerks. Hilarious.
Do you have any good stories about kiss-cams or dance-cams?

Mar 4, 2008

Walking around, just checkin stuff out

I walked down the street over the weekend to take some pictures of the neighborhood. It was a fun time and I felt like quite the tourist. Glad to play the part.

I found a family
And a big giant pencil in the middle of a field.
Sepia tones make everything look old. I like it.
I need to get out and take more pictures in my neighborhood. I'm working with some old box camera right now and I got some new color lenses for a Holga I just started shooting with. With which I just began shooting. Anyway. I am trying to work on my skillz. I want to find shots that look at every day things from a different perspective. I like that.