Oct 28, 2008

I deserve a pair of silver shoes with bows.

I think I've worked hard the past 5 months of my life. And if you ask me how the reward system works, I say: Gnomie does something good, Gnomie gets shoes. Or dessert, depending on the day. {Update: Shoes here.} {2nd update: I wear size 8.5 for anyone interested in being my sponsor.}

Oct 27, 2008

I make surprises happen.

This past weekend I decided to shun school and run away from all the papers and presentations I had to prepare and visit the ever-magical land of DC.
I didn't tell anyone I was coming down. I just hopped on a train, said goodbye to my troubles, and was whisked away to spend the weekend in coupledom with TH.
We went to a rock show. We ate chinese take-out at Wok N Roll. We went to costco.
We shared a very berry sundae at costco. Important: TH is now a costco member, which means he is officially a grown-up. Being a grown-up allows you to wear whatever you want, including tshirts with scary be-fanged cats.
Being a grown-up also means you get to spend money when the economy is in the pooper. TH bought a new TV that we (he mostly) carried home 4 blocks in the ever-loving pouring rain. It was so funny - so funny that I couldnt stop giggling and had to put down the TV every 2 minutes lest I drop it. Luckily the TV didn't get too wet and we were able to watch Flight of the Conchords and Simpsons halloween special.Not only did I get to hang out with TH, I also got to see my cute little niece and my Dad dressed up for Halloween! I walked into my old chapel where the ward halloween party was going on and they were so surprised. Jenny came bouncing over to me like a gummy bear. It was great to see my family!I also did something totally unlike me, but was kind of inevitable. I ate a big fat pork bbq sandwich. And it was so delicious. 2.5 years of meat abstinence to an entire sandwich. Positives: I didn't get sick. It was delicious. DJ A likes me. Negatives: I might get fat. I get meat burps (tiny, girl ones). I don't feel that bad about it. While in VA, I got to see some of my favorite VA girls:

Now I am back in NYC and still procrastinating those papers and schoolwork. If there is one thing I'm good at, it's procrastination.

Oct 22, 2008

Come on, body.

I don't like you very much right now and you probably hate me (what with all the not sleeping, not eating and heavy caffeine intake), but just ingest this diet coke so we can stay awake long enough to understand diminishing marginal returns!
It's not that hard, geez.

Oct 20, 2008

gosh dernit

Apparently there was the 4th annual dog costume parade yesterday on the upper east side and i totally missed it. Gah. I can't believe my bad luck. Look at what I could've seen IN PERSON:Frat Boy Dog

Cow pug (SO cute)

Redneck dog (I am guessing this dog is from Manassas?)

Fidel Castro (Fido Castro)

Man, SO SAD I missed this! It's already on the calendar for next year. Dogs and costumes, what could be better.

Oct 19, 2008

Oh and if anyone is keeping track, the project is over

In my state of sadness, I needed to do something to make myself feel better. So it was snip, snip, snip for my bangs. I'm glad I did it. I like my bangs. Why was I growing them out again?

Late night post that I should probably not post

I am a sad sack tonight.
During my first weeks at school

These past 3 weeks, these past 21 days, these past 504 hours...have been painful. I miss my TH so much and I won't be seeing him for at least a couple more weeks. Work is so busy for him and it is midterm season here at Gnomie Grad School, and therefore= no time to visit and catch up. This also means minimum phone time and I am feeling the distance now.

This might sound totally weird, but I can't help but wonder how much easier this would have been 75 years ago. When people didn't have cell phones to call at anytime of the day. Or text messages that are sent and not returned immediately. Or email, for goodness sakes. What if it were just me and TH, far away from each other, forced to send telegrams or lovey notes back and forth? There are so many mediums in which to connect, it is frustrating when I don't hear from any of these mediums (TH, this post is not about you being in any sort of doghouse, don't worry).

I sometimes think it would be easier to go without talking for a couple days, because I get so attached to TH so quickly. When I have him, I want to keep him. I don't want to give him back to Virginia. When we are talking on the phone, I don't want to hang up. I want to keep talking all night and if I wake up, I want him to be there to exchange some incoherent words with me.

Also the long distance takes away any sort of spontaneity. I mean, I can't just hop on a train and ride for 4 hours without telling TH I'm coming (I couldn't do that anyway. Too much work to do.) We can't wake up one morning and decide to drive upstate to take photos and go hiking and stop at farms along the way. We are limited in the things we do. It is hard.
Reliving the last time I got to spend time with TH. In Brooklyn.
This is hard.

I'm lucky this is October - my second favorite month. It is helping to keep my spirits up.

Oct 18, 2008

Overheard in New York

Two separate incidents:

1. Guy outside my building talking on cell phone: "No, man. I'm not into that high-maintenance life, man. No. I just want to go to the beach, listen to Bon Jovi, and smoke a joint."

2. 3 guys deep in discussion - walking in front of me:
"So, what is the world coming to anyway? Ya'll see Dove started making chocolate now?"
"Yeah, I saw that!"
"Yeah, I ate a piece, but I thought it would taste like soap!"
"It's good though, man. I don't know how they do it. Maybe that soap's their secret ingredient."

There are so many other incidents, but these are some highlights. I saw Burn After Reading for the 2nd time tonight. It's so funny. I love the Coen Brothers, except for Fargo which scared the living crap out of me.

Oct 15, 2008

Things Jeffrey Sachs said

Jeff Sachs, author of "The End of Poverty" and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia U, sat down with my class yesterday to take questions and talk to us about the global social and political situation (in a 90 minute nutshell). Some of the things he said that reverberated with me and some that honestly shocked the hell right out of me:

1. In a recent speech, Bush said "terror" about 30 times in a short timespan. It was almost like a nervous tick. But he made no mention of fighting poverty or helping people survive.

2. Sachs said that when President Obama takes office in January (!), he will bring America back to a position of respect and establish the country as a world leader in clean energy and helping other countries and eradicating poverty.

3. He also said Obama needs to focus less on talking about the middle class, just because its his constituency, and more about how to help the poor people in our nation.

4. He supports nuclear energy!

5. He believes in birth control methods to control the population boom, therefore does not get along terribly well with the pope.

6. He met with all African leaders earlier this month and told them his plan to raise enough money to provide fertilizer to all families so they won't starve and die.

He is an amazing person and opened my eyes to a lot of the situations I ignore, as a conditioned person who is "well-off" (that said mockingly since i have not made a penny since April). He also made me really happy that I'm spending so much money on this degree because its truly an amazing opportunity. I'm glad I am here, despite the with drawls I have from my family and friends back home. I really do love this city and love what I'm studying - I'm very fortunate and blessed.

Project Bangs - Week 3

I almost forgot! It feels like they're getting longer...

Oct 12, 2008

God's Day

Sometimes all you need are good friends and perfect weather to turn your day around. I'm so glad LC is in town!! God bless this town. Both east and west sides.

Oct 11, 2008

What is wrong with me?

I am having a massive craving for roast beef. The roast beef my mom used to make growing up - the roast beef that we just called "roast". Served in a stewy goodness of potatoes and carrots, and topped with gravy. Oh, wow. I think I would eat it if I had a plate in front of me right now.
Sometimes it is hard being a vegetarian because you're just thinking "I don't mind not eating meat at all, in fact I like that I feel that I took a stand on something I believe in - preserve life and eat on low levels of the food chain to make a small impact." But lately. Oh, man. Lately, I have been wanting a pork bbq sandwich like you wouldn't believe. Lately, I have been craving a big sub sandwich filled with processed meats and cheeses. Lately, I have been wanting to stuff my face with some roast and potatoes.

What is a vegetarian to do? Should I take a break for awhile and eat some meat that my body is asking for? If I didn't know better, I'd think I were pregnant. But thats impossible unless immaculate conception part duex.

So the holidays are coming up. That means turkey, ham, roast, and leftovers you can use to make things like the following:

I understand how someone can get passionate about food - I have my fair share of experience with this. I can't figure out whether TH likes this or not. He pokes fun at my foodie tendencies, particularly when these tendencies result in his wallet participation. Lucky for him, he has enjoyed the fruits of my epicurean labors. And you can't put a price on that.

Oct 8, 2008

On sleeping

I sleep on my back.

When I cannot sleep, I will toss and turn and try stomach sleeping, and occasionally I'll fall asleep on my side, but I always wake up in the morning on my back.

Since moving into my new room, and obtaining a big girl bed (queen size, ooo la la!) I feel a little silly having my small body take up about 1/3 or maybe more like 5/16 of the bed. Well, last night I tried a little experiment. I propped up all my pillows in the corner that my bed is pushed against, laid a little upright, and stretched my body from corner to corner. I woke up this morning, still upright - looking out over my room, surveying the vast expanse that includes my delicious ikea desk, my photos, my closet, my bookcase, my stuff hanging on the door, etc. Basically I have discovered that I have access to a bed throne. Um, insanely cool.

I'm sitting in my bed throne right now. I'm taking up the whole bed, sprawled out like an octopus - appendages every which way. I like this newfound sleeping arrangement. I just wish my servant would bring me my JUICE! Once and for all!! And my toothbrush, too, please, because I am too lazy to get up.

Oct 5, 2008

The bangs - Week 2

Slowly, slowly but surely...

I'm getting antsy to cut off some of this hair, though. I fight it by remembering how cute long hair looks underneath a winter hat. Stay strong, gnomie.

Oct 1, 2008

The sun'll come out tomorrow!

Hi! Had I more time this day to write more, more words for you to be reading now, for my writing, i maybe would, um, write more words to be read, to in order for ensuring happiness of people who read my writing for reading happiness or of this blog for maybe.

Ha. That was my attempt at speaking Palin-ish.

I'm just brushing up for the debate tomorrow. I don't want to not be misunderstanding what she may or may not be explaining to say for these United States.

If you like music, check this out: