Aug 30, 2012

The week of Michael Jackson

So Tuesday morning on the way to work, Mark started singing an MJ song and wanting to hear the real deal, I pulled it up on youtube on my iPhone and plugged it in to the car audio to listen. But when the song started, it wasn't a song. It was a MOVIE. Because Michael Jackson is awesome and made the best music and dance videos of all time. Period.

So we pulled over to the side of the road to finish watching the movie, and I tell you, the rest of my day went swimmingly. And the decision was made right there to start each day this week with an MJ song. And guess who's week has been stupid great?

 Here's the video movie that started us out:

Right? Mark told me he read that MJ used to practice his dance moves by himself in the basement until they were perfect, and he just created all his amazing dance routines to his songs based on what his heard told him. Ugh my heart hurts with thinking about how cool it is he was so dedicated to creating the perfect musical and visual experience.

On the homefront - my family is in town this week for double baby blessing on Sunday of the new bb boys, and Mark's sister-in-law and brother come in on Friday and we are throwing them a bb shower for their little person due in December. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE throwing baby showers!

Aug 24, 2012

Who does Henry look like?

I'm the top 2 pictures, and the fat baby with the football shirt is the only surviving baby picture of Mark! Crazy! So...who does Henry look like? We have our opinions, but I'd love to hear what you think!

Aug 22, 2012

Hello from the sickies

Oh, hi there. It's nice to see you, virtually. Which is the only way we are seeing anyone these days, since we all came down with the sick.
Mark had his tonsils removed last week. That same night Henry came down with a monster cold. And then a day later, I had it, too. Because Mark's immune system is weakened right now, we aren't supposed to be around him with our sick, so it's pretty much been just me and Hen for the past week. We've been bed buddies, early morning playmates, late night stroller pals, etc. I can't wait until we are all feeling better and can actually get out and enjoy the last little bits of summer.

ps, Henry misses Dada!

We have a tree

I finally found a nice fiddle leaf fig tree for our living room. We've had it for about 3 weeks and it's already dying. Thus is the fate of me and my black thumb. If it did not come from IKEA, I cannot keep it alive (what is it with IKEA plants lasting for forever?).

The leaves are drooping, turning brown and falling off, and it is seriously in a sad state. Which is just for the best, I suppose, since these plants are not supposed to be eaten by little babies hands. But we did put it behind the couch*, assuming by the time Henry would be old enough to learn how to crawl back there, he'd be way beyond the age of trying to eat weird stuff. See? I was planning on having this tree for at least 3 years, not just 3 weeks. Shoot.

*I promise the plant is much further from Henry than it appears to be in the photo

Aug 9, 2012

there really is a lot to say here.

but where to start??

i'll turn it to the democratic process. let's take a vote! votes for women! (and men!)

what would you like to see on here?
some ideas:
my job
balancing full time job and full time mamahood
what i've been cooking
henry nursery tour
house tour
my new and pretty houseplant
our garden
DC restaurant week
baby cousins?
upcoming travel plans
swimming with babies

something else??

tell me people. lead me, guide me.

Aug 7, 2012

summer depression.

A friend and I were talking about summer the other day. My friend absolutely adores summer, all hundred-and-eleventy-billion degrees of it. But last week, she admitted to me that this summer she has grown to hate it. She cannot wait for the Fall, her previously least favorite season. I'd like to think that I rubbed off on her a little since Fall is my favorite season and I've always tried to sing its praises to her. Or maybe, just maybe, this summer has made everyone HATE summer. How can a person like a season that forces them to the indoors and they don't even get to experience the long late hours of the day without swatting away mosquitos and seeing their baby grow ever more red-faced and their husband ever more sweat-faced? It's disgusting.

Anyway, I've decided that I have summer related depression. Since returning from Oregon, I'm just tired of staying inside in the stale AC air. I feel trapped and bored and I want to have an evening al fresco picnic without choking on the humidity for once in my summer-life. I'm feeling terribly in need of leaving this swamp of a DC. So. Working on that.