Sep 22, 2007

Fixer upper

The roommates and I recently decided that we needed a little redesignin in the front room. The front room consists of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. We felt there needed to be a little more division between the spaces, in order to make a house a home. Or whatever.

Anyway I thought it would be a great idea to turn the table to face the wall and create a little space for dining or studying or using a laptop. The table was in this position for several days and I hadn't seen anyone sitting there. I decided it was time to break it in. I invited Teen Heartthrob over dinner. As you may or may not know, I love to cook and bake. This love has increased greatly due to my recent purchase of the Apron Sent From Above.
So I threw on my apron, whipped up a delicious and simple whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, olive oil and parmesean. I set it down on the Table and invited TH to come over and partake. After surveying the table, he questioned me.

TH: You want me to sit at the table?
Me: Of course. What? You don't want to?
TH: No, no. Umm...I'll sit here.
Me: Good. It's a nice table. I think you'll really enjoy it.

TH sits down and I sit on the couch next to him and begin to read a magazine. Enter Arizona roommate. She surveys the situation and begins to laugh hysterically.

Arizona Roommate: TH, what did you do? Why are you in time out?
Me: He's sitting at our new table!
TH: I don't know why. She hates me.
AR: Ya'll are whack.

Why doesn't he like the table? Why is the table the time out spot? Why do I hate TH?

I don't know.

Let's move on.

Everyone knows that white walls are boring. Being surrounded by white walls is my own personal hell. My alcatraz. So what better way to cure the alcatraz blues then to paint the wall??
I love painting! We decided to tape off some blocks in order to pretend we are avante-garde snobs or something. I don't really even know what that means, but who really cares? Our walls look amazing.
That color is so warm!!
Look how pretty! I think the blocks turned out really cool.

I love home improvement. I should go apply to be a Tool Time Girl.

Sep 20, 2007

White Housing

I have a problem.

I can't seem to keep away from the center of the universe lately. I'm sure you know, by center of the universe I mean The White House.

Because my roommate is awesome and loves me, she continues to invite me to fun White House events. Whereas normally I would shun all this political shoulder-rubbing (esp. with scary carnivorous republicans!), my roommate has shown me the light of appreciating the glamour and excitement of being involved in the DC arena.

Last week, we went on a West Wing tour.
We saw the press briefing room, where Iggy and I discovered that free cheeseburgers are offered to all republican white house staff. This is how they ensure party loyalty. I knew it!
Teen Heartthrob and I took prom pictures in front of the rose garden. In case you can't tell, we are very adept at color coordinating our outfits.
We saw the Eisenhower executive office building, wherein I coveted the black and white tiled marble floors.Teen Heartthrob and I also had a very important meeting to hold, so it was extremely convenient when we happened upon this conference room with comfy chairs. You might think we are just exchanging pleasantries here, but TH actually just sat on a whoopie cushion (the posture gives it away). Jokes are sooo much funnier in the west wing.
Fast forward to yesterday when I attended the arrival of Marine One!
Iggy and I love this new hairspray we bought. It totally holds our hair in place like this all day!
I'm striking a pose, because that is what happens to you when you're at the White House. You might be seeing a lot more of this if I continue hanging out at 1600 Penn. I gotta keep it hawt for G Dub.
Thanks, roommate! I'll see you at at Book Week with Laura!

Sep 18, 2007

ISO: one bedpan for senators office

Now that Senator Craig has returned to Capitol Hill, do you think he'll shy away from using the bathrooms? Or do you think he'll just pretend like nothing happened?

Do you think his buddies will be making hand signals under the stall towards him? Or maybe he will just have these installed to make all that hand gesturing a little easier. Nobody wants carpal tunnel syndrome.

I caved

The pencils were sharpened today after a week of silent protest. I think my point really uhh...came across. Yes, I'm sure this will never happen again.

Meanwhile, my resume looks so beautiful. Minus all the tears of joy shed onto the paper, it is basically perfect. Although, the tears could be mistaken for sweat and toil, which demonstrates how hard-working I am.

Sep 13, 2007

For posterity's sake!

OVer Labor Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to visit the family in Charlottesville. We had a blast, and even got some good QT with the baby. Love you guys, let's go camping soon! For those who are not fortunate enough to live nearby, these pictures are for you.

Sep 12, 2007

Taking back Gnomie

There are those times in your life when you think all is lost. You are a hopeless college graduate, a career failure, incapable of maintaining lasting and meaningful relationships, and forget about that dream about ever having a puppy because you are too weak willed to care for it.

Then there are the times when you see through the murkiness of the situation and everything begins to fall into place.

This is the moment when you start to take back your life.

Things to realize:
1. I am not stuck in my job. If I hate it, I will pursue other options. Big deal.
2. I am smart, dammit. First of all, I'm totally gifted and talented. Don't forget about the time I made a papier-mache mummy in my egyptology class! I also went to 3rd grade reading when I was in 2nd grade. I even wrote the best paper in my anthropological theories class senior year of college!
3. I can be in a relationship, and maybe even have it last longer than 2 months! As long as I'm getting my dinners and movies paid for, I'll be in a relationship with anyone.
4. Puppies are overrated. They poop on the floor, they cry all night long, they won't allow you to leave for vacations without them. You'll get one when you move out of the city.

Goals to set:
1. Start running. Yesterday I embarked upon a goal to run 10 days in a row. That is so easy. That is so attainable. When the 10 days are up, I will decide what to do. I'm not committed to this long term, I tell myself. Just 10 days.
2. Study for the GRE, because you are taking it in a month. I signed up for it about 3 weeks ago because I knew it would just be something I talked about if I didn't just bite the bullet.
3. Compile a list of graduate schools and programs and professors with whom I would like to complete research. This, I've already begun to do. I am going to write some professors next week to beg them to let me do whatever it takes to get on their good side, so I can be funded for my masters at their university. Please keep fingers crossed for me.
4. Know an amazing person who totally hooks you up all the time with job opportunities, networking contacts, and gives you a real massage every night because you've had such a hard day what with all your goal setting, running and blogging efforts.
5. Get pictures of puppies and put them on your fridge.

You know, sometimes in life you just have to scream out: I'm the BEST G.D. DANCER IN THE AMERICAN BALLET ACADEMY, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Nobody.

Sep 11, 2007

September is great, but...(with updates!)

I'd rather have Rocktober.

Check out my calendar so far:

10/1 - Carol Bui
10/2 - Rocky Votolato
10/9 - Josh Ritter
10/11 - Yonder Mountain String Band
10/15 - Cat Power
10/18 - The New Amsterdams
10/19 - Eisley
10/20 - Stars
10/21 - Rodrigo y Gabriela
10/26 - Damon and Naomi
10/27 - She Wants Revenge
10/28 - The Annuals

And these are just the shows that I am definately buying tickets to. Who knows what other shows might pop up?? (OK, I seriously might have to cut down, but how?!)


Sep 7, 2007

This picture terrifies me

Originally uploaded by Nemesis 79

When did we start closing our ports and lands from seafaring people? What if someone is lost-at-sea or is trying to swim across the sea and needs to make it back to land, but can't reach land because of these barriers? And does this mean that people shouldn't be able to lay claim to ocean waters? How far down do ocean water claims go? At what sea level are you trespassing?

I'm so confused.

My job is super cool

I just received these on my desk.

Friday Funnies

As the days pass and bring us closer to the weekends, I'd like to propose weekly celebrations by the institution of Friday Funnies. Fridays are awesome. I get free breakfasts, get to wear my jeans to work, and make weekend plans filled with candy, movies, and caviar dreams.

Today's video is brought to you in conjunction with one of my favorite television show growing up (right there with The Cosby Show and Small Wonder), The Wonder Years.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the series. Maybe because I'm just a little choir nerd at heart. Or maybe it's my insatiable desire for pre-pubescent/adolescent humor. Either way, please enjoy. Oh and enjoy the special cameo made by the man himself, Screech Powers.

Sep 5, 2007

To my brothers and sisters

I'm SORRY I swore at you so robustly last night in my dream. But you should know that you shouldn't eat your sisters entire batch of banana pancakes without asking! Geez...have a little courtesy.

But then again, I can't fault you for wanting to eat my delicious buttermilk banana pancakes. They are quite good.

Buttermilk Bananacakes

2 c. flour
2 TBSP sugar
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Mix together and add:

2 eggs
2 c buttermilk
1/2 c milk

Stir, just until moistened. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

Cut up 2-3 bananas into nickle sized slices.

Pour pancake in griddle to your desired size. After about 10 seconds, add slices of banana, enough to cover the pancake. Watch for air bubbles popping, flip and cook for another 30 seconds.

Spread with butter, jam, or fresh maple syrup and enjoy!