Apr 30, 2007

look, I know.

I KNOW. I keep making empty promises of forthcoming blogs. I just downloaded my pictures and I've got some real winners. I mean it. So stay tuned. I do have a lot to say, honest.

In the mean time, you should know that I slept 15 hours on Friday night and spent most of Sunday baking and cooking and throwing an awesome party for Shane D's departure. Was the weekend a success? That is a gross understatement. My weekend was amazing.
And tonight if all goes well, I will be attending the Peter, Bjorn and John concert with Iggy.
The week leading up to my birthday is promising many opportunities to say goodbye to 24 and hello to 25!

Apr 26, 2007

Can you read my mind.

Hello. Apparently me and Cort of the famed Mollygood site are on the same wavelength. Yesterday I posted about Reality Bites and heavily swooned over Ethan Hawke and he gives me this.
And I thought all my good karma was dried up.

Apr 25, 2007

Sex is the quickest way to ruin a relationship, Lainy. C'mon.

I have a very strong desire to watch Reality Bites right now. My life is really taking a turn for the mundane ever since I've been fighting the desire to hop on the next flight back to Alaska.
If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you do.
1. Winona Ryder pre-Marc Jacobs spokesperson era.
2. Ethan Hawke as a lead vocalist and adorable angst-ridden young adult.
3. Strong associations to my current life.
4. And finally Ben Stiller as the resident wanker.

Some of my favorite quotes from Reality Bites:

Lelaina: Quick, Vicky, whats your social security?
Vicky: Uhm... 851-259-357.
Troy: Very impressive.
Vicky: Thats the only thing I really learned in college

Lelaina: Troy, aren't you excited?
Troy: I'm bursting with fruit flavor.

Sammy: I just do not understand why this moment needs to be Memorexed.

Troy(talking about Ben Stiller's character): He's the reason why Cliff's Notes were invented.

Troy: I'll probably be working at Whole Foods you know, playing warehouses and hanging around places like the Radio Shack screaming that I used to know you and you'll be there in the lights and all beautiful and shit.
Lelaina: Oh, Troy, no no no no no, that would never happen. They'd never HIRE you at Whole Foods.

Vicky: He’s weird. He’s strange. He’s sloppy. He’s a total nightmare for women... I can’t believe I haven’t slept with him yet.

Troy: Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent

Apr 23, 2007

Quickly, because of all the piles

I'm going to start visiting a new friend today. His name is Jim. We will hang out every night this week and hopefully, the party will continue into the next few months. I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

I'll be back on the blogwagon shortly

I just returned from a business trip. If that doesn't ensure my status as a bonafide adult, I don't know what will.
As soon as I make it out of my mounds and leaning piles of work I will post about some recent concerts, trips, and hot asses I've come across.
Very good.

Apr 10, 2007

CLIF Banana Nut Bread

Don't ever eat this.While I have enjoyed many other flavor varieties from Clif, this particular banana flavor honestly makes me wretch. It smelled like medicine when I opened the wrapper and the three bites that are now in my stomach are mixing with the other residents of my stomach for a quite unenjoyable result.

Where's my Cherry Pie when I need it?

I am a product of our Durkeimian Society

I followed a man from Georgetown back to work today. I walked 1/2 a block behind him for 4 blocks. I watched him walk and scream at nobody. He screamed obscenities and blood curdling accusations of people who had wronged him. He turned his head up to the sky and didn't care who heard him. I wondered what had happened for him to act this way. I wondered if it was a breakdown or just a normal Tuesday. But mostly, I wondered why nobody reacted to him. In a city of over 1/2 a million people, everyone walks with their head down. They don't acknowledge anothers pain and suffering, or delusional behavior.

The other day, a professional violinist stood outside a metro stop and played all morning. Nobody really even took note. A few people stopped to look back, after realizing that this man was very talented, but then kept walking on. He made little money and was mostly ignored.
Why are people so scared to acknowledge each other? What is the fear of giving someone a smile? Or asking them if they are ok? Are we really so important that we cannot take 10-15 minutes out of our day to help someone?
If I didn't think the man walking down the street was going to shoot my head off or stab me, maybe I would've talked to him. Maybe. *Sigh

Apr 6, 2007

Freedom bicycles

In France, people can rent bikes at will! You buy a card that is good for the entire week. From there, you just swipe the card at a little machine by the bikes and the first 1/2 hour is free, after that it is just a couple euros an hour. After you are done with it, return it to one of the several hundred stations around town. You can choose the bike you want by punching in the number at the machine and about 10 seconds later, after hearing a beep, your bike will pop free! Liberation!
And apparently because of the mass amounts of bikes for rent around this certain town in France, all the cars are well trained to share the road with bikers.
I wonder what it would take to get this instituted in our nations capital?

Apr 5, 2007

Confessions of a Post-Teenage impoverished woman

I don't really get the boyfriend thing like I used to.

From the time I was in high school until basically 2 years ago, I had a boyfriend. I don't think I was one of those girls who need a boyfriend, rather I just kept meeting boys with potential.
Either my standards have been rising, or I am not getting out enough. I just can't imagine having a boyfriend at this point in my life. With my spare time, I would rather be:
1. Hanging out with friends
2. Exploring the city
3. Going to shows
4. Cooking/Baking
5. Watching a movie from my queue
6. Going to dinner with my dad or mom
7. Organizing my stuff
8. Planning trips
9. Catching up on The Office or Arrested Development
10. Meeting new people
11. Learning double dutch
12. Hiking
13. Writing stories or songs

Basically I could go on and on. And guys, I realize that most of these things (with the exception of #11 and perhaps #6) can be done with a guy in tow, but I don't want them to be. The whole idea of having a boyfriend just seems silly to me. I would never want anyone to hold me back from what I am planning on doing in life or my current projects. I think if I were to have a boyfriend he would interfere. Am I selfish? I don't think so. And its not like I think "all the good ones are taken" or "woah is me, I don't have a boyfriend". Please, I know how to get the job done:

I have just finally tapped into the exciting life of a single girl and I'm not ready to succumb to coupledom quite yet. What I really need right now is a boy who will take me out and pay for all my wants and needs. All I need is a couple pair of shoes so I can look hot for you, and a season pass to Kings Dominion. And maybe a house in Ecuador. But that's all. Please sign up in comments below. I will be reviewing applicants all weekend.

Thank you and good luck to you.