Oct 12, 2015

My half-yearly post

I realized last week I haven't blogged or even thought about blogging in a few months. It doesn't really cross my mind anymore, which is a shame because so much has happened which has gone unrecorded, and I'm sure I've already forgotten most of it. Let me do a quick catch up here.

Firstly, Marnie is 11 months this week. She has the sweetest disposition, and adores her brother. She is currently crying herself to sleep in her crib, and I'm hoping she's not in too much discomfort, as I think she swallowed a coin this morning? #secondchild

Henry is at school, he goes every morning and I pick him up for lunch, apart from 2 days a week when he stays for lunch at school with his friends. He has grown up so much this year, and is still a major train fanatic, loves riding his scooter and going "weelly fast!", and in general has grown into quite the engineer, tinkering with things trying to make them work and building new things. It makes me so happy to watch him play so happily at things like that.

I'm going on 2 years of being a stay at home mom, and have really grown to loving it, although recently there's been a little pang in my soul of perhaps being ready to start work again. But the jarring process of finding a nanny, messing with the kids (and my) daily routine scares me away for the time being. I love this time with Marnie and Henry and hope that even if I push it off for another year or two, it won't render me completely useless in my field.

And lastly, our rock, Mark, has been busy with work and his primary love (apart from his family): crossfit. At this point, he has muscled out of all his shirts and I've ebayed all of them so he can get a new wardrobe to fit his new physique. Call me shallow, but I can't say I mind the muscled Mark. He's really inspiring how much he's dedicated his time and effort into something he loves, and how it has changed his life!

We spent the summer in the US, a couple weeks in Virginia, and a week on a Disney cruise and Disney World. When we came back, we stayed at a Welsh farm with Robbie and Hannah Hamill and their adorable funny little girl, Rhoda. And in an ultimate show of laziness I am going to forego my blog post on Wales for now because Hannah just basically summed it up way better than I ever could on her blog here.

So this update has been pretty boring so far, hasn't it! I'll add a few pictures to spice things up a bit. And here we go...

Me and my Marnie girl xxxxxx

Heading to church, Mark thought it would be funny to give him a book and he looks like Richie

Moon Rivaaaaaah

 Rain rain, go to Spain

Summer funfair in Ravenscourt Park


The Bournemouth seafront

Bonnie and Clyde

Potato chip-off: Which flavor is the best? (Kettle chips won!)

Family train ride selfie

The National Air and Space museum, we all loved it!

A day out shopping in Georgetown

Walking on the National Waterfront to the Nats baseball game!

Saying Goodbye at the airport

Heading to the Disney Cruise

Basically loved this ship and the water

Princess Snow White

We made it to Magic Kingdom! It was so hot.

At Epcot, in "England" with a little lion

Marnie learning Heart and Soul

Waiting for our plane back to London

Back and London and whisked away to the Welsh coast, this was Tenby beach

Our Welsh farm, we had the best time. Ducks, chickens, cows, sheep, and the sweetest farmdog, called D.

More Tenby beach and sweet Marnie

 Me and my babies

May 15, 2015

6 months/ 3 1/2 years

The children's half birthdays are today.

Will I ever get over the fact that they were born on the same day? Probably not.

Henry told everyone all day that he was 3 1/2 years old. I sang Happy half birthday to you, happy half birth---
NO, says henry. Just sing Happy Birthday.

Marnie's day started off lovely, but by the end of the day she had a slight fever, runny nose, and slept a lot, and only wanted to be held. Teething.

We went to the Science museum to meet friends, which in hindsight was a bad idea, but I can never say no to a good outing. Marnie screamed all the way to the bus stop, and all the way from the bus stop home. She was asleep and tolerating the outing in between the screaming. She never screams or fusses really, so I got flustered and stressed out. But now I'm sitting here writing this and realizing how lucky I am to have a baby that hardly screams or fusses. She's mostly just pleasant as can be, and curious about everything, and always looking around for someone to smile at. What a dear.

I thought of making a little cake for their half birthdays but then I realized I haven't slept in 6 months and who am I trying to kid. Instead I bought a box of ritz crackers and cut up some pineapple to share. Nothing says party time like American crackers and tropical fruit, right? ;)

I love my babies. Love their friendship. Love the way they can't wait to see each other every morning. Love how Henry gets mad at Marnie when she grabs a toy he puts in front of her or pulls his hair if he lays next to her (she just loves you, Henry, I always say). Love how Marnie's arms and legs flail wildly every time Henry comes into the room. Love how they understand each other. And I LOVE when they both let me snuggle them at the same time. Basically mom heaven.

Apr 15, 2015

Marnie is 5 months

Marnie June is 5 months today. I need to document this sweet little girls life before she's walking and talking!

I'll just do a quick top 5 favorite things about Marnie.

ONE // She is the spitting image of her big brother, but his complete opposite. Everyone, still to this day sees Henry and says, oh he's so serious. But Marnie will smile and laugh at anything moving. She loves people, and lights up when people look at her. It melts my heart to see the way she charms people. Sometimes I'm just walking around the room, doing whatever and I look over at her, and she's just been staring at me, waiting for me to look at her. She'll break into the biggest, gummiest grin and kick her legs, or jump if she's in her jumper.

TWO// She is in that amazing chunky snuggly baby phase. She's just started rolling over, so not quite on the move yet, but loves to be snuggled and cuddled, so I put her on my lap and she grabs on tight to my hands and starts chewing on my fingers. It's so cute, I honestly can't get enough of her roly-poly body. I've been doing baby massage with her, and it soothes her so much. She starts to coo and give me the most loving looks when I lay her down for some baby massage. I've tried some baby yoga with her, too, and recently tried a move that puts her upside down and she started laughing so much. Just loved it.

THREE// She's a great daytime napper, which I'm very grateful for. Sleeps well in her crib or in the carrier. She is so pleasant since she is typically well rested, and she falls asleep usually without crying. I just sing her a little song or two - I can't help but sing to her, she lights up whenever she hears singing - she smiles and then she falls asleep. It's crazy. We just stopped swaddling her and switched her to this transition sleeping bag thing that makes her look like a starfish. It's so cute, and she loves it. 

FOUR// Marnie loves her big brother. They already have this cute little relationship. I always make Marnie "talk" to Henry and he's started to do it, too. I'll say, Oh Marnie do you want to go to the park? And Henry will say, Marnie says yes mama! I love the park! And he talks to her, too, oh Hey Marnie wait for me - I have to go get a toy, I'll be right back. He loves to smother her, which I'm working on with him, but she actually seems to think it's funny. If she doesn't, she'll scream and let you know. Henry isn't a fan of the Marnie scream, but she gets her point across.

FIVE// She's just started grabbing and reaching for things, best of which is Mark's beard. She likes to play with my teeth when she's eating, and she tries to pull Henry's hair now if he gets too close, which is hilarious because Henry always gets mad at her, like she's doing it out of malice or something. KIDS.

Marnie is a really great little baby. I can't wait to spend this summer taking her to all the parks and playgrounds of London, and letting her feel the breeze on her bare legs and arms. These winter babies just spend their whole lives bundled up, they don't even know what their bodies can do without all those layers!

Feb 20, 2015

3 months, and a blessing.

 Mark gave a beautiful blessing to sweet Marnie June this past Sunday, on her 3 month birthday. She wore a bonnet from the Taylor family heirloom chest, and even though it was a little small (definitely meant for a newborn!), it was so special to have her wear it. I got her a blessing dress that is just beautiful, and I plan to save it for her heirloom chest. You know, if I ever live in a place where we have room to actually hold onto important things like that.

At 3 months, Marnie is the most pleasant, sweet, mild mannered baby. She will just lay on her blanket or sit in her chair and coo and smile and play. She's sleeping really well, and we've heard a few laughs from her. She's grown into a chubby roly poly little baby, and we are all completely obsessed with her, Henry included. 

This isn't the best photo of all of us, but I loved it because Henry put his arms around mine and Mark's neck and pulled us into him for the photo. It was so funny and adorable.