Apr 29, 2008

Biznass trips change everything

I'm back from Indy (gladly returned. i don't care if i never go back). This past month has been so stressful - I didn't think I'd ever make it out in one piece. And, well, I didn't. I feel a bit scattered right now. But here are the bright sides:
1. It's a new month in 2 days.
2. It's getting warmer.
3. My last day of work is Friday
4. I'm painting a room this week.
5. I'm going on vacation next month.

Here are the sad parts:
1. I'm moving soon.
2. I won't know anybody where I'm moving
3. Me and R1 have parted ways.
4. In 3 1/2 weeks I won't get to see Iggy every day.
5. I've been plagued with a killer cold.

A lot has happened in my personal, professional, physical, and emotional life. (Lives?) And I am feeling rather down in the dumps. Kind of. I'm also feeling very hopeful. It's another New Beginning for me. A new month, a new home, a new career path, a new daily routine, a new city, new friends, new goals to set, etc. It's exciting. I just need to put on my Big Girl shoes and take my life back! First Stop: Ben and Jerry's for free ice cream day!

Apr 23, 2008

Who am I kidding?

If I wanted to take a real vacation, I wouldn't have chosen Indianapolis for petes sake. This place is the pits. So long suckers with your myriad of bars and strip clubs and racing themed EVERYTHING. Seriously, when your town is defined by car racing - you need a new gig. I'm just sayin.

Apr 18, 2008

Apr 16, 2008

Lizzie and Jenny visit Gnomie

Ohhhhh I love me some Lizzie Time!!

Come visit me in NY! Looks like Lizzie already loves big apples...

Apr 15, 2008

I know its Tuesday

I didn't have time yesterday to post about the weekend, but today...well today I don't either. But I don't care as much as I did yesterday about working. Anyways.

So this weekend brought the influx of my dear sister, Jenny! And her beautiful, adorable, hilarious baby - Lizzie. The two of them and my dad came up to DC on Friday afternoon to check out cherry blossoms, museums, and the like. I met up with them after work and WOW it was so good to see them! My Dad is the best and my sister is beautiful and my niece is so yummy I want to bottle her up and save her for always.

We left the Mall and made a quick stop by Eastern Market to obtain some pastries and drinks, headed back to my house and got pizza, watched Friends, watched Lizzy dance to Gilmore Girls, and play inappropriate scrabble. R1 and Leslie joined for scrabble. High points for most inappropriate word. I say it is a tie between R1's "Fbbbtt" and Jenny's "Ironi"(its inappropriate cause it's spelled wrong. It was so strange and wonderful to see a babys little feet walking around the house. It brought such a cozy feeling to our home. Lizzy snacked on my Nilla Wafers and made the bold choice of dipping them in roasted red pepper hummus. I appreciate her highly developed baby palette. She giggled, babbled, crawled, chewed, screamed with joy, and -most importantly - made her presence known during our scrabble game. Jenny - I can't find the Z. If you find it..."laying around"...in the next day or so, I'd like you to just keep it. Please.

After the baby and her entourage left - R1, Iggy and I took off to Velvet Lounge to see some local, um, punk bands. I think. I don't know what type of music it was but I'm going to peg them as The Clash + early Queen / hair metal bands. Because that was R1's and Iggy's combined categorization. It was fun - I saw some old friends hanging out - the old standbys. We stayed out until 3AM and came home and CRASHED.

Saturday R1 and I had yummy toast and brie for breakfast and decided to go visit the Charlottesville clan with Jen, Lizzy and Dad. R1 had to do some maintenance work on his car and got all dirty and greasy under the hood. Holla. I hung out inside and found an apartment for the summer in NY!! Its only a sublet, but its completely furnished and I'll have a private room like 8 blocks from campus. I'm so relieved. After we finished our respective duties, we took off for a loo-ooong road trip to C-ville. May I just state for the record that I see why people believe Northern Virginia and the rest of the state should be two seperate states. My goodness. People are wiggidy wack in the south.

We finally arrived (after nearly 3 hours of driving) and hung out with babies, babies, and brothers, and sisters(in-laws), and papas, and cameras. I don't have any pics on this computer, but I'll definitely post some later. It was so nice seeing everyone and catching up on exciting news (finishing and starting school programs) and watching Abby and Lizzie play together. For a glimmer of a moment, I thought - you know maybe I do want a baby. But then someone always gets a dirty diaper or throws a tantrum and my dreams once again return to reality wherein I am a mid-twenties professional-cum-grad school student. And I live in huge cities where nobody knows their neighbors and smog isn't pollution - its a welcome blanket of protection from the suburbs.

I digress.

We left late saturday and returned to my house to watch...AIRPLANE!! R1 picked it up and it was pretty hilarious. Don't call me Shirley. Went to bed, woke up early the next morning and walked to Eastern Market to play with cameras and buy food for dinner and beautiful flowers for the entry table. Had a lazy sunday after the walk - watched The Queen, took a nap, made some curried fish and quinoa salad and grilled zucchini, then I fell asleep around 10:00. I was beat!

It was a fabulous weekend and I love and miss my family! I went to Dads house last night to spend a little more time with Jenny and Lizzy. They're so much fun and I seriously think you guys should consider moving back. Lizzy makes me laugh because of things like this:
1. Concerned with people eating noodles - how do they get slurped up so fast?
2. Is learning to talk and says "Yedllooo" for hello.
3. Responds with a "yeah" for things she likes.
4. Throws back her head when she laughs at things. Hilarious.
5. Loves healthy foods - chickpeas, tomatoes, green peas, etc.
6. Loves her momma so much - she wants to be anywhere Jenny is. It's so cute. Another thing that makes me want to have a baby. But I won't! I'm 25! And a student! With no husband in sight! Etc, etc.

Pictures to come later...

Apr 9, 2008

My world is getting smaller and smaller

It's basically confined to my office, the treadmill, and my bed (complete with laptop and seasons of Friends - thanks Heathbar for the addiction).

I need to get a life.

Things to look forward to:
1. Jenny and Lizzy coming to visit this weekend(and maybe Robby and Abby!)
2. Work conference next week (scary!) and then ending the following week (sigh of relief)
3. Bird Day
4. Costa Rica/Nicaragua
5. Moving (bittersweet. but changes are fun, right?)
6. New shoes coming in the mail TODAY!!

I cannot wait till this week is over. And next week.

Apr 4, 2008

This song is beautiful

I love that Robert Plant learned to sing in the style of Alison Krauss. Subdued, subtle music is as powerful as all the loud and intense junk (that I still completely love).

Apr 1, 2008

Flies in yo mouth

Last night I had this very strange dream that I was in a room with bugs crawling and flying around. Somehow - my mouth was very much agape and a fly landed on my tounge. I couldn't figure out how to get the insect off my tounge. I tried licking my hand but it didn't work. I tried my shirt sleeve - that didn't work. So I woke up from the dream, stuck out my tounge and licked my pillow. Hard. That seemed to work. I went back to the dream and continued as though nothing had happened.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I remembered the dream. I looked at my pillow and there was a definite tounge marking. I am a little weirded out. What else do I do when I wake up in the middle of a dream to complete a Dream Task? Glad I sleep alone.