Apr 28, 2014

Family in town

Today, and for the next couple of days or weeks, we are coming down from our visiting family high. We've had family in town for the past month and not a day passed that wasn't completely fun and fulfilling. Marks parents were in town for a week and just left yesterday. We woke up this morning to an empty house. Mark back at work, no air mattress in the living room, no grandparents to play with Henry and dote on him. Just me and Henry - the OG. So we did our best to make the most of it. We watched a little trains, then took a bubble bath, then took ourselves out to lunch at Sable D'or for fancy sandwiches and juice. I mean, it's not much but it's a pretty perfect morning in my mind.

I need to dig up some pictures to post, but we toured the heck out of London this past week. Tower of London, Borough Market, St Pauls eventide, Matisse at the Tate Modern, the V&A, the British Museum, the Natural History museum, Hampstead Heath, afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, Liberty...we were all pretty beat by the end of the week, but happy to have enjoyed great company, only one rainy day the entire week (museum day! perfect.), and Henry had the time of his life. He keeps asking for Tootie and Pop Pop this morning, even though he knows they left. I think he must think it's easy to just go see them - what are we waiting for? :)

Anyway, transitioning back to just the three of us is a harsh wake up call, but lucky for us, May is just around the corner and I can practically taste my first British summer. Come to me, sunshine and warmth!

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