May 14, 2014


Every day, several times throughout the day, I look at the weather app on my phone. I'm obsessed. I always have London and Washington DC and always compare the two. When we're having our millionth day of Spring here (seriously, how many days of 55 F can one person take before protesting in a Tshirt?), DC has been heating up to the 80's and even 90's! If I were back there, I could be beaching it up and living in summer dresses already! Instead, I'm protesting by staying inside most days, huge sweater wrapped around me, thick socks, and thinking of soups for dinner.

Every couple of weeks I put different cities on my weather app to get an idea of where I should be traveling for better weather. So far, it's too cold for the green waters of Cornwall (maybe July), still cold in the Lake District (though, we're going in a couple of weeks anyway for some R&R), Corfu is pretty perfect, Seville is getting there, and it's WAY too hot to travel to Marrakech right now - 100 F every day.

I can't be the only one who does this, right? The perpetual dreamer of going other places with perfect weather? Is it a British thing?

They're calling for a heat wave this weekend. It is supposed to be up to 70 F. Seriously. HEAT WAVE.


Jay and Heath said...

Portland was almost 88 today and will be tomorrow. I think Portland should be on your list of travels. ;)

caitymay said...

Yes that is completely a British thing! We are all obsessed with the weather and how much better it is elsewhere. I look at my Weather app all day long.