Nov 4, 2014

Halloween and more.

This morning we went to mums group - a nice weekly gathering of neighborhood mums and their kids - and afterwards went to Tesco to stock up on pumpkin puree (they have it for 1.50/can!).

We came home and had a major cheese and crackers session while snuggling next to each other. Henry is reaaaaally into snuggling and smooshing our cheeks together. Every time he does it, my heart breaks a little about the impending changes. But, I will keep enjoying the cheek smooshing as long as he does it. It's the best.

I made a spreadsheet of dinners, meals, and snack ideas for after the new baby comes. Because I find my biggest hang ups in eating are just not being able to think of anything, let alone what to make for dinner. It's easy on the dairy and spices, but this time around it is not vegetarian. It is beef-free, but I'm still going to keep eating poultry and pork because it is such an easy and adaptable way to get unprocessed protein into my diet - something vital if I plan to stay upright and not pass out on public transportation like in my sordid past of vegetarianism.

We have 3 days to go until the due date. I've been feeling contractions randomly throughout the past couple of weeks, but I've also been purposely staying away from things that might get this baby born before her due date. We really want her to come when my mother in law is here so she can watch Henry. I have friends here who can watch him, but what if I go into labor at 2am and have a quick labor? My biggest fear is that Henry will be stranded and Mark won't be able to help me through labor and the baby will be born at home, etc etc panic ensues. So, I've been staying away from super spicy foods, staircases, long walks, and raspberry tea. But come Thursday night, BRING IT labor tricks. I have a few things up my sleeve.

And now for a few random photos from the past couple of weeks.

Halloween silliness. I got that curly wig for Mark and he dressed up as a retro basketball player or something, it was hilarious. Henry liked testing it out.

The leaves changing everywhere - one of the reasons Autumn will always be my favorite season.

Traffic jam in the hallway!

An elephant and Princess Anna share a cupcake moment.

Flowers from a sweet friend for the impending arrival of little miss.

And finally, this photo will make me laugh for the rest of my life.


Birdie in DC said...

Julie- so excited for you guys. I totally empathize with all the second child labor worries! It will work out. Sending love across the Atlantic. And wishing I could also bring dinner once your daughter arrives.

Jen Evans said...

Omg Julie, that's not princess Anna, it's queen Elsa! Get it together! Your daughter is going to know the difference in less time than you can imagine.