Apr 15, 2015

Marnie is 5 months

Marnie June is 5 months today. I need to document this sweet little girls life before she's walking and talking!

I'll just do a quick top 5 favorite things about Marnie.

ONE // She is the spitting image of her big brother, but his complete opposite. Everyone, still to this day sees Henry and says, oh he's so serious. But Marnie will smile and laugh at anything moving. She loves people, and lights up when people look at her. It melts my heart to see the way she charms people. Sometimes I'm just walking around the room, doing whatever and I look over at her, and she's just been staring at me, waiting for me to look at her. She'll break into the biggest, gummiest grin and kick her legs, or jump if she's in her jumper.

TWO// She is in that amazing chunky snuggly baby phase. She's just started rolling over, so not quite on the move yet, but loves to be snuggled and cuddled, so I put her on my lap and she grabs on tight to my hands and starts chewing on my fingers. It's so cute, I honestly can't get enough of her roly-poly body. I've been doing baby massage with her, and it soothes her so much. She starts to coo and give me the most loving looks when I lay her down for some baby massage. I've tried some baby yoga with her, too, and recently tried a move that puts her upside down and she started laughing so much. Just loved it.

THREE// She's a great daytime napper, which I'm very grateful for. Sleeps well in her crib or in the carrier. She is so pleasant since she is typically well rested, and she falls asleep usually without crying. I just sing her a little song or two - I can't help but sing to her, she lights up whenever she hears singing - she smiles and then she falls asleep. It's crazy. We just stopped swaddling her and switched her to this transition sleeping bag thing that makes her look like a starfish. It's so cute, and she loves it. 

FOUR// Marnie loves her big brother. They already have this cute little relationship. I always make Marnie "talk" to Henry and he's started to do it, too. I'll say, Oh Marnie do you want to go to the park? And Henry will say, Marnie says yes mama! I love the park! And he talks to her, too, oh Hey Marnie wait for me - I have to go get a toy, I'll be right back. He loves to smother her, which I'm working on with him, but she actually seems to think it's funny. If she doesn't, she'll scream and let you know. Henry isn't a fan of the Marnie scream, but she gets her point across.

FIVE// She's just started grabbing and reaching for things, best of which is Mark's beard. She likes to play with my teeth when she's eating, and she tries to pull Henry's hair now if he gets too close, which is hilarious because Henry always gets mad at her, like she's doing it out of malice or something. KIDS.

Marnie is a really great little baby. I can't wait to spend this summer taking her to all the parks and playgrounds of London, and letting her feel the breeze on her bare legs and arms. These winter babies just spend their whole lives bundled up, they don't even know what their bodies can do without all those layers!

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hanner said...

Amen about winter babies. Rhoda has no idea what to do at the playground because she learned to walk in winter! Also, starfish sack = hilarious. Also, Henry 2.0 is so true and I feel like I already know her bc her look reminds me so much of Henry. Also, how is it that you have two kids? Are you ever like "THIS IS MY LIFE" because I still can't believe it.