May 3, 2012


We're taking off for a long weekend to upstate New York. Can't wait to unplug and spend some serious downtime with my little family and celebrate my birthday (this one's a biggie, after all). This picture was taken a few years ago from a roadtrip with friends NYC to DC. Let it be known - I miss that shirt.
This will be our first vacation with a baby! We are so excited to show Hen the way of vacation, though I'm sure it will likely be him showing us how to vacation properly. ;) If you'd like to follow along, I'm on instagram at @JulieTaylor.


naomi megan. said...

yay! big birthday and a weekend away! have so much fun. looking forward to seeing your instagrams.

we'll have to celebrate your bday when you get back! maybe some sprinkles. i mean, right?

Laura K said...

I DON'T HAVE INSTAGRAM. sad day for droid user.

Anna said...

Welcome to our part of the world (at least for the next two weeks) See you three soon! Can't wait!