Apr 27, 2012

it's friday!

what a whirlwind week it was! at the start of this week, mark and i had grand plans to spend quality time together each night. monday was a craigslist night. tuesday was TV. wednesday was a surprise girls night out to the kennedy center. thursday was late night at the office for mark. and now it's friday. we haven't even had dinner together all week! except for chick fil a on monday night, which ended up coming back up at 3am (overshare?)

it's been a nutty week, but a good one. we are tired, we are kind of a mess, but we are well-loved. and that's what counts, right?

oh, lest i forget, did i mention henry and i both went to the doctor today? we both have pink eye. it's super sad and all that, but i secretly like that we share diseases. what he has, i have and vice versa. i love little henny pot so much i could cry. oh wait i am! oh...no, wait, that's just my watery pink eye.


P-Cute said...

i love a good overshare and personally think there should be more of them!

Laura K said...

Eww. Oh sorry I meant Aww.