May 20, 2013

The sisters and their babies.

And in this post, I present to you "Laura's visit from Minneapolis, and the Many Sad Faces of a Certain Henry George Taylor." We tried, we really did try. And I think with a wild 4 year old boy, his toddler sister, a kind 6 year old, and 3 little babies who like to be on the move (just nearly all of them), we did an okay job. I'd like to see you try to get all these people looking happy and smiley in one photo. No, really, I would really like to see that because then we could have a nice happy photo of all the sisters and their children. Because now we just have this...

Evie takes a little rest from the madness to clear her head. Wish I could be more zen like her. 

The BFFs. Lincoln and Ronan. Too cute.

Finally, we let Henry run around and even eat a few puffs, and look what happened. Cheered right up. I forget that snacks are his happy place (he gets that from his mama).

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Anne Hill said...

such cute littles!