Sep 27, 2013

Life right now

I'm sitting in our temporary flat with the windows open. The weather is a perfect crisp 63 degrees with the sun peeking out through the clouds. I hear music drifting in from the music school below all day. Today it's French Horn. Yesterday was opera. Last weekend, it was the bassoon. It's glorious.

Life right now is a mix of lovely and chaos. We wake up in the mornings, eat breakfast, see Mark off to work, then get ready for the day and take off for exploring. Somedays we stay out the whole day (like yesterday - created the perfect itinerary for visitors!), and somedays we come home for lunch and a good nap. Mark's office is about a 5 minute walk from our flat, so he comes home for lunch most days. It's so nice to be able to see him in the middle of the day, play with Henry for a little while until nap time, then talk about our days so far and laugh about the differences. For example, today I told Mark about the duck that nearly choked on our bagel offering in the park this morning, the bird who almost walked into our flat via the open balcony door, and the awesome new playground we found. He told me he sat in his office for awhile, getting ready for his business trip. Of course, on those days where I come home for lunch, I am taking care of business. Checking to see who needs which documents from us now, checking on our bank accounts, and trying to determine if we can get a cell phone yet.

Yet, between the chaos, I know this is a very special time in our lives right now. Being so close to Mark's office is great. Being with Henry every day is a dream. I love it. I do miss work, and I hope to find a job soon, but I'm focusing on having fun with my almost-two-year-old baby and trying to sculpt a life for us here in London.

I got a log of lavender-infused goat cheese at Borough Market yesterday. I asked for a good goat cheese and this French man - who looked like he just took the Paris express that morning to London - told me "zees eez zee mozt lugzuroius chez, you muzt 'ave zum". So I tried it, he was right, I purchased it on the spot and he smiled big and told me, "I love my job". I bet he does. He spends all day outside, selling cheese to people like me who just want something that tastes delicious, which happens to be just what he sells.

After the cheese experience, we walked to the Tate Modern and ran into some more people who love their jobs.

It was uplifting and inspiring to be around people who truly love what they do. I want to find that in my life. And it might not be from my career, but it might be a side thing, like playing music again or singing. I've been missing that extra part of life that makes my heart beat a little faster...for awhile now. And I'm so much happier with it. London, you are so dreamy.

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