Sep 29, 2013


Mark's office was generous enough to give us a month of corporate housing while we found our permanent home. A month of living in this place - I'll take it! We love the light, the views, and the free British TV! But if you asked me would I take 2 or 3 weeks of housing if his office would put more funding into finding us a place to live, I would say YES! Don't even get me started on the crazy process of finding our home and how truly lucky we were to actually find a non-shoe box dingy flat in a weird neighborhood. But I digress.

The first day we arrived, it was Sunday (3 weeks ago!) and due to our flat being located in the financial district, nothing was open. No stores, no restaurants, nothing. No people on the streets. It was eerie. We were exhausted, and I decided I hated this weird grey city. Over the course of these past three weeks, I've come to love being here. We are close to Mark's office, which is the best part. We found a totally rad playground for Henry. The grocery store is seriously right around the corner. We have a favorite restaurant just up the street where we order the same thing every time: hummus and pita, avocado and halloumi salad with green olives, and chicken kabob. It's centrally located so you can be anywhere within 30 minutes or less. I've discovered east London, which has completely stolen my heart (I'm looking at you, Hackney and Shoreditch), but I've relegated this neighborhood to a past me, the me without a 2 year old that needs parks and well, other kids to play with if we're being honest.

Henry really has taken to this flat, and it's completely become his car haven. He lines them up on the window ledge. He lines them up on the sofa. He brings them to the table with him for breakfast. I'm getting a little worried that once it is time to play with actual human friends, he will want nothing to do with should probably find a friend here with a kid so we can have playdates, right? We'll save that for North London, which should be teeming with small children from what I hear. We will just enjoy our balcony, proximity to Borough Market, and around the corner grocery store, thank you very much. We have about 10 days left here and I plan on enjoying every last one of them.

Now onwards to the Barbican flat tour. Don't mind that Sean Connery look-alike in our living room, he comes with the place (I wish, we miss you Papa!)

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Mercedes said...

those windows! that view!

also this "hummus and pita, avocado and halloumi salad with green olives, and chicken kabob" sounds like my dream meal.

good luck on your new adventure!