Mar 26, 2014

This month

March, you devil. I really had high hopes for this month, but it turned on me somewhere at the beginning and entered a downward spiral until a few days ago, when I was finally able to come up for air. Mark's arms are still busted and nothing has happened around the house with me taking care of the family and also being sick this month, too. But don't feel too bad for us. We called in the reinforcements and Papa arrived last Friday, bright-eyed and ready to help us patch things back together! I'm so grateful he is retired and such a giving soul to leave his life behind for a few weeks to help out his family. I admire him so much and I'm paying close attention while he's here to pick up some Papa tips to make life better.
Tip #1: Get window planters. It will make you feel happier to take care of something and feel better about being a good neighbor.
Tip #2: Say hello to everyone you pass on the street. Even if it's not the English way, it's the American way and don't forget you are American, Julie. (We've been on the receiving end of some funny looks from Brits not used to people exchanging greetings!)
Tip #3: Let Henry eat all the candy. Wait...I'm not listening to that one.
Tip #4: Be spontaneous. Have a picnic in the backyard. Book a cruise if you feel like it.
Tip #5: Don't let your dishes sit around, just clean them as soon as you use them and then your kitchen is always clean!

Those are just a few I've picked up so far. It's nice to have Papa here to help us all feel a little happier and remember how to let loose and have a little fun in life!


hanner said...

mickey! what a good lad. also, where are you cruising to? i hope it's a carnival cruise!

Jen Evans said...

We come from good stock. Good, American stock.