Sep 30, 2014



Last Thursday, Henry and I were on the bus on our way home from a little shopping trip, when I felt that familiar feeling of hot, stomach discomfort, and...yep. I got sick on the bus. Not pretty. I got off as quickly as possible and made the long walk home, too smelly and embarrassed to get back on another bus.

The next day I was on my 4th trip to the bathroom, and I realized that I was actually sick or something, so I called my midwife and she asked me to come to the hospital to be rehydrated. I was very dehydrated when I got there, it had been over 24 hours since I'd been able to keep any food or drink in me and I was woozy and grumpy and worried. Luckily, a good friend came through for us and came over to watch Henry while Mark and I sat in the waiting room until I was finally admitted, then finally given some IV fluids. I felt better nearly immediately, but the doctor wanted me to stay overnight for monitoring. They also thought I had a virus so they wanted to keep me isolated to keep the infection at bay - which I didn't really understand fully until after I left the next day, but looking back everyone who entered my room was wearing gloves and a mask. I was too out of it to realize that's not standard protocol.

I held firm to my belief that this was just a pregnancy thing and I had a sensitive stomach. I felt pretty fine most of Saturday in the hospital, and when they let me go home Saturday evening, I thought I'd be back to my normal self. Fast forward to 6 of the stomach bug. I must have had something pretty nasty because I'm finally just today starting to feel like myself again. I just ate my first food that wasn't white bread or pears or soup since Friday. I'm starting to feel like getting back to nesting, and I even considered taking Henry to the playground today (considered. instead I took a nap while he played a game on my iphone. parenting!).

I realized during these strange past 6 days how little my world is here, and how difficult it can be for someone in poor health. Mark has been doing absolutely everything, including grocery runs 3 times a day to satisfy my recovery stomach/pregnancy cravings. And I'll tell you - being 34 weeks pregnant with a 4 pound baby inside of you and hardly eating anything at all puts you in a MOOD. But now with a fridge fully stocked with broth, ginger ale, applesauce, and yogurt I'm ready to start feeling normal again - whatever that may be. And I'm feeling grateful for the support of friends we have when family is so far away.

Realizing we are less than 40 days until the due date is the only thing getting me through these long days. I forgot how truly uncomfortable and exhausting this last bit of pregnancy can be, especially after getting socked with a stomach bug, and it's a really nice thing it ends with a tiny little baby to cuddle.


Jen Evans said...

Pregnant women should never get sick. Me and the big guy upstairs are going to have a chat about that in the next life. I got the flu three times while I was pregnant with lily. And my kids went through it a few times too. I need a medal.
Feel better.

hanner said...

:'( i'm sorry we couldn't be there to help. rest up missy!! and hen is such a good boy. glad he is cooperative for sick mama.

Emilie said...

Oh, friend. That sounds awful! So sorry. Glad you're on the mend!!