Oct 2, 2014

Henry update: nearly 3 years old

I want to log a few favorites of Henry's here, before things get too crazy to actually recall any of these things. A friend asked last week if I was worried about the new baby changing Henry and my relationship and I was like...um, I haven't even thought about that. And I haven't! I know things will change a little, but Henry and I have had three years of time together! We are solid. Things are good. I'm excited to see how things change with a new sibling for Henry, though, I really can't wait for that!

As we wait for the baby to come, it keeps dawning on me that Henry is turning three soon. The baby's due date is actually one week before his birthday (what? we like November babies around here!).

Hen isn't one to really express favorites or too many preferences, so when he does, I really try to nurture that interest. It's cute the things he's decided are his favorites, I think. A few favorites of Henrys right now:
Color: green or orange, depends on the day
Ice cream flavor: strawberry
Breakfast food: waffles 
Toy: currently his ramp or train set
Book: He has 2 dino books he loves, and also loves to read The Tiger Who Came to Tea 
Snack: croissant! yes, i know.

A few funny things he's said recently:
- Mom, let's go to the camel farm for...no no no...let's go to the pumpkin farm for pick pumpkins!

- Henry, time to go peepee?
Umm, no thank you, mom! (we've been working on manners)

- (reading a sign that says HARO.) H....A.....R.....O....polka dot!

- Hen, mama's tummy doesn't feel good today so I need to rest a little bit. (he runs away and comes back a minute later with a bottle of tums in his hand) Here, mama! Your vitamins!

- Hey mama, how bout a popper-cycle? (popsicle)

- (After skyping to his niece Lizzie who just lost her front tooth) Henry not lose a tooth. We go find Lizzie's tooth?

- (Watching scene in Mary Poppins with George Banks) He NOT George. I Henry George.

- Henry, what's your name? 
Henry George Taylor.
Yes! What's mama's name?
Mama George Taylor.

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Jen Evans said...

Lol all henryisms. It's hard to believe he's still a little boy when he acts like a young man.