Jun 29, 2012

7 months {a little late}

{between 2 business trips this month and big family events, i'm a little behind on this update!}

baby is growing up.

at 7 months, he's just about sitting up without any tumbles. he's getting a little more hair. he is getting so smiley, which mark and i appreciate as positive feedback. hoorah!

i found his tickle spots, too - you have to bite the sides of his tummy or tickle the bottoms of his little feet. he loves it and squeals with glee.

he wants to P-L-A-Y. this boy has always done things his own way, and i'm just now realizing that it's his personality! he is focused, interested, smart, and gets easily frustrated when he's bored. i'm so glad i realized this now, because i'm trying to tailor his activities to keep that in mind. he found a little activity board at his pop-pop and tooties house and he was OBSESSED. the kid just wants to work! takes after his father in that way, certainly not his mother. and another thing he gets from his dad we sadly found out this month - henry hates the sun! we took him to the pool and he kind of fussed the whole time because the sun was too bright (and of course he wouldn't keep him sunglasses on, no sir!), and anytime we go into the sun he buries his head in my shoulder. darn it. all those dreams of us living on a tropical island one day are dashed. i'm beat 2 - 1! mark must be thrilled. :)

henry just babbles all day long. mamamadadadabababa, and he started whispering. "ahh-da!", he whispers. it's so adorable. turns me into a melty mama puddle.

he does not think very much of solids, i'll tell you that much. we've tried avocados, carrots, bananas, apple...he throws it all up. i just don't think he's ready for it. he eats rice cereal every couple nights, but even that - he'll only eat a few bites then he's done.

we still like to sit on the front porch together (the only place he'll let me cut his fingernails - white trash?), and take walks in the stroller and baby bjorn. i stopped fighting the early saturday morning wakeup, and started walking over to eastern market (about a 15-20minute walk) to get crepes and fruit samples. he tried a peach a few weeks ago and seemed to enjoy licking it. yay! progress.

at 7 months, henry boy just gets more fun every day. so blessed to be his mother!

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Laura K said...

He is getting so big! I love those little baby arm rolls he has. So squishy. Can we get a side by side of him with the new babies when they are both here