Jun 1, 2012

Friday I'm in love.

June is an important month of reflection because it marks the month I finished grad school and started my career. So I always take a moment to figure out how my life has progressed since those three years ago, and you know what? It really has. In all the ways I didn't think it would. But life is rich, blessed, happy, complicated, exhausting, and completely perfect. I find frustrations in the day to day, but overall I feel like I'm living a good life. And I'm thankful for the people in it who make it so much more fulfilling and happy. Especially my two boys Mark and Henny pen. Those guys make my life.

Henry has really taken to hugging me lately. He loves to wrap his arms around my neck and squeeze and I find it so endearingly sweet I nearly melt into a puddle every time. In the wee hours of this morning, after he finished his midnight snack, I just sat with him for a long time. His chest on mine, his short, tiny breaths on my neck, his little hands softly brushing against my arm. I DIE. I wanted to stay there all night, but instead I just took him to our bed to snuggle. Sometimes it hits me how quickly time is passing, and how fleeting these late night moments are, and I just do all I can to appreciate my life right now, and how much love there is flowing around all the time.

I guess that what I'm basically saying is I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.

ps I was singing him some good solid opera the other night and he burst into tears. And not tears of joy, people. What henny? You no like-a mah voice?

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ST said...

Haha! You are funny and Henry is so cute! Can you capture the serenade to Henry on video next time? :)