Jun 6, 2012


This week (and last weekend), I've been a single mom. Bless all those single parents out there, because that gig is NO JOKE. Mark's out of town for work, and even though it's a lot of work and completely exhausting, it's much more fun this time around, compared to before Hen (BH) and it would be just me at home, fending for myself. I love me some baby Henry. We've been co-sleeping like champs and I'm afraid when Mark comes back, he will come back to a new bedmate (oops!). At least he doesn't take up that much room, right? I pray he does not become an H sleeper.
Been filling up my nights with long walks, house projects, craft nights, family visits, and hulu. It's been fulfilling to be the one person completely aware of this little baby's needs, and responsible for meeting those needs. Whether that's a middle of the night party, double bathtime, cry session in the backseat, or rice cereal appreciation day, I'm the one in charge of it.
I'm also helping plan a baby shower, and it's been entertaining to delve into my side business as a party planner. I've been looking for ideas/inspiration on pinterest, and the best is when I come across my own baby shower that Naomi threw for me last year. Well done, Naomi. I think we can all agree those cinnamon rolls changed my life. But seriously, we are jokingly considering starting our own little party planning gig because we love doing it and our talents really complement each others. As in, my friends are genius crafters and I'm good with a hot glue gun; or I can develop a good menu, and my friends are genius bakers. See how this all works out?

I think the point of this blog post is that when Mark leaves town, I try to turn into superwoman and thusly become more empowered to remain this superwoman after he returns. I'm sure he would appreciate that, anyway, rather than me asking to sleep in every Sunday.


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hanner said...

maybe this is just me, but i think that superwoman deserves to sleep in every now and then.

also, when mark comes back, please ask him to come up with a name for our party planning business. then we can give him a cut of the profits (like, a piece of cake or something).