Jul 19, 2012

all the babies are here!

My sister had her baby early this morning (10 pounds 3 oz! stick that in your pipe!), which brings the Year of Babies to a close.

Henry George - November 2011
Jacob Matthew - December 2011
Lincoln Richard - June 2012
Ronan Joseph - July 2012

(notice a trend in middle names as grandparent names...)

I just keep imagining all those little boy cousins growing up together, digging in the dirt together, going off to kindergarten that first year, growing up and sharing experiences and being best buds. I picked a good year to have little Henny boy.

This is a pretty busy year for my parents, to be sure. 

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Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh wow, how awesome for all of the boys to grow up together so close in age!! :)