Jul 30, 2012

One way ticket to somewhere, please.

Hello from a sad little office in DC, with a forlorn-constantly sighing me sitting and dreaming of a far off place called Oregon, staring at this $130 ticket we received this morning for being a day late on changing our zone sticker (burn in hell, street parking).
We just returned from a week away in Portland and the Oregon coast where it was sweater weather and Henry waved for the first time and the night we got home started "scooching" as we're calling it. He literally uses his strongman arms to pull his entire body across the floor. If his goal is to impress his mom and dad, job well done.

Henry learns to wave. from julie rowlett on Vimeo.

Anyway, I'm just dreaming of being back in cooler weather, doing different things, hanging out with my guys all day long, and watching Henry grow up. Sometimes being a working mom is the exact opposite of the life I want. But it does inspire me to reflect on my life and try to figure out what it is that I do want.


natalie holbrook said...

oh he is SO sweet! what a big boy!

communikate. said...

move to portland!!!

JD said...

Portland-- my old stomping grounds. Gotta' love the Pacific NW. Did you go to Powell's Books, by chance?