Jul 31, 2012

sisters and babies.

Ok, so this is just the first of many, I'm sure, group pictures of my sisters and the baby cousins. Can you believe four of us sisters/sister-in-laws had babies within 8 months of each other? I cannot. I was begging my sisters to get pregnant when I found out I was...and well...it just took them a little bit longer than I wanted, but I got my wish! I'm so spoiled.

Without further delay, I present to you...the sisters and the cousins! (We are missing Jodi and Jake who recently moved to Oklahoma. We miss you guys!)

Mary and Ronan, me and Henny, and Jen and Lincoln

Doesn't Hen look HUGE? Geez.

ps paci magic going on with Henry
pps remind me to stop taking pictures where we're sitting on couches. so unflattering.


ST said...

So cute! I love how Ronan has the same pose in every picture. Consistency!

2nd said...

Super love these pics. You guys and your babies are beautiful! Congrats ladies!

mike said...

Babies, Babies BABIES! Keep the pictures coming we miss you guys!