Aug 22, 2012

Hello from the sickies

Oh, hi there. It's nice to see you, virtually. Which is the only way we are seeing anyone these days, since we all came down with the sick.
Mark had his tonsils removed last week. That same night Henry came down with a monster cold. And then a day later, I had it, too. Because Mark's immune system is weakened right now, we aren't supposed to be around him with our sick, so it's pretty much been just me and Hen for the past week. We've been bed buddies, early morning playmates, late night stroller pals, etc. I can't wait until we are all feeling better and can actually get out and enjoy the last little bits of summer.

ps, Henry misses Dada!

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Ye Stewart Clan said...

I had my tonsils out when I was 18 and it was awful. I feel for ya Mark.