Sep 10, 2012

A tooth! A tooth!

This being his first tooth, just a week shy of 10 months, I didn't realize that all this shoving of the hand in the mouth and tongue sticking out was because of a little tooth! But there it was finally, Saturday morning, after a week of fussiness and not sleeping at night. We have been waiting for months for this, and now that it is here, I am quite sad realizing he will not be little gummy Henny anymore. And sad he is growing up. And proud all at the same time. This mothering stuff is an emotional roller coaster, is it not?!


Jen Evans said...

Impossibly cute. More cute every day.

P-Cute said...

A TOOTH! Jude just cut his second one today :(. I keep giving him stop growing kisses to no avail.

Eliza said...

Ida didn't get teeth until just before her first birthday and 8 of them came in at once. ouch. so great though, a whole new gastronomic world is opening up for him.