Sep 1, 2012

9 months [a little late]

Henry. You have at least doubled in size since the day you were born, but to think you have now been alive in the world for as long as you grew in my belly, well that just blows my mind.

19 lbs, 7 oz. (50th percentile)

27.5 inches long (25th percentile)

You've come a long way baby.

At nine months, you are just killing it. Wanting to walk every where with mom and dad - we indulge you because you are the happiest when you're cruising around a room. You dance with every little step, babbling, and just happy to be walking around and checking things out.

We went on our first plane ride last month to Portland, Oregon. Besides a few minutes of freaking out because mom starved you to make sure you would eat on the plane (smart thinking, mom), you were perfect! You just played with a magazine (i.e. ripped into shreds) and slept for most of it, and we were thrilled. You felt the sand beneath your toes for the first time at Cannon Beach and you were super crazy into it. We couldn't even get you to look up at us, no matter how hard we tried. One night while we were walking around in the city, I turned around and waved to you in your stroller and you waved back. Well, I lost it, and then that night you waved a few more times at us. Cutest thing watching you learn how your hand opens and closes to send salutations to the ones you love.

We flew home from Portland and got settled back into our house. I put you on your tummy for some good tummy time after all that flying and you started pulling yourself along the floor! Out of nowhere! Now you are pulling yourself along everywhere, using only your arms (must be tiring.). Your grandparents both think you will walk before you crawl...time will tell.

You are really starting to enjoy food a little more. You will gum on any fruit we give you, but you definitely do not care for purees. Sometimes it is a battle, but when we have been successful, you've liked carrots, sweet potatoes and peaches. You do not like avocado like everyone said you would. You will take little bites of watermelon slices, peaches, plums, apples, and bananas. Most mornings, we will sit down at the table while Dada gets ready upstairs to eat breakfast together. You eat rice cereal or help me with my banana. I gave you some greek yogurt and you really really liked it until a few minutes later when you gagged on it and it all came back up. You are super obsessed with drinking water out of mamas cup and her water bottle. And you are pretty good at it. We give you the sippy cup, and you will drink a little from that, too, but let's be honest, you want a big boy glass of water and a whole peach in your hand. I swear you are already 5 years old.

No teeth yet. Every time you are a little sad, we think it might be teeth, but so far it's just been the saddies.

We started you in swimming lessons earlier this month and you love it. You are the star of the class, splashing and kicking, floating on your back, and even going under the water. We are so proud of you! And we love watching you look at the other babies swimming, like "why exactly are we all in this water right now?"

Sweet Henry, you are the best. So sweet, love to cuddle, love to "bonk" your forehead against mine. I'm 80% sure you know what "doggy" means, and I am 75% sure you say "woof woof" after I talk about doggies. You definitely know your name now. You get excited to play with new toys, see new animals, and play with other kids. You laugh easy these days, we can really get you into giggle fits (especially when you are tired), and it is the best sound in the world.


naomi megan. said...

bonking foreheads! the cutest.

we miss HEN EE! as E likes to shout when she's his photo on my instagram feed.

Jen Evans said...

Love him. Love him love him love him. Lets take lots of pictures today.

emily said...

that first photo just melts my heart.

Laura K said...

I cant get enough henny hen!

P-Cute said...

those chubby little legs are magnificent!!

Jay and Heath said...

What a cutie! He's getting SO big!! He'll be ONE before we even know it.