Oct 26, 2012

11 months.

You are nearly walking by yourself, voicing your opinions about everything, barking like a dog, headbutting those you love (I think that's your kiss), and pulling yourself up all over the place. You want to go go go, I can feel it! It is so wonderful! Yet, I am selfishly looking at little baby pictures of you when you were so tiny and cuddly and needed me in such a different way. The great part is - we have grown to both need each other. Dad and I are both completely in love with you and you love us both in different ways. You could play with Dada all day and night. I love peeking in your nursery and seeing you guys laughing together and building things and running all over the place. And you and me, Henny, we've got this thing down, don't we? Sometimes it is tiring to be needed so much, but when I look down at you pulling on my legs or hear you crying out to me because you want to be held - I love that I'm the only person in the world you want. My heart soars! I have so many of those heart-bursting happiness moments lately.

You are waving, you clap your hands (especially to if you're happy and you know it), you like the songs - The Wheels on the Bus and most of the crazy songs I make up to sing you. You are squirmy as a little fish these days. Changing your diaper is sort of a competition of strength, wit, will, and distraction skills. You found out about 2 weeks ago how to throw a tantrum - your first one was after I gave you your first piece of bread. You started shoving it in your mouth so fast, I took it away so you wouldn't choke. Oh my word. Throw the head back, arched back, straighten your whole body - it's so sad! Dad calls it the Henry torpedo. You say no to everything. We say yes, you shake your head no. We say "Henryyyyyy", you shake your head no. You think it's pretty funny. You know what a dog says -"mmph mmph".

I'm savoring this last month of your babyhood. Every day is so precious to me, and each day I spend away from you feels like an eternity. We are planning your first birthday and I'm so excited for this amazing milestone - for both of us.


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that smile :)! so sweet.