Oct 26, 2012


This weekend is my favorite weekend of all time. Every year - the last weekend in October is always the best one. Not too cold yet, leaves on the trees are beautiful, crunchy leaves on the ground, halloween, and the world is on the cusp of November - my favorite month of all time.

I stupidly thought it would be a good idea to make halloween costumes this year (is working full time and mothering not enough!), so Hen and I schlepped it out to Joanns last night. His first time in a fabric store, and I tell you, it was like Disney World for that kid. Wide-eyed, throwing his head back to check out the patterns and fabrics, bouncing up and down and squealing in his seat, and he wanted to touch everything. When I threw some furry trim in the cart, he almost lost it. When I gave it to him to hold, he looked at me solemnly, with his best "ohmygoshthisisawesomemom" eyes. So I stayed up till 1am last night sewing and designing his costume, and I'll be staying up late the next couple of nights trying to get everything done, yay! Breaking out the sewing machine is making me feel all sorts of domestic and I feel so accomplished! I'm of the "anyonecansewastraightline" sewing mentality, which makes me a poor seamstress, albeit with a optimistic outlook. I can handle that.

We will be dabbling in some halloween parties this weekend and headed to the zoo with great friends we never get to see! It's going to be a great weekend, best weekend of the year, most likely. ;)

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