Dec 11, 2012

christmas surprise

The day after Thanksgiving, I looked at Mark and said, welp should we go pick out our tree now? Not yet, he said. Too soon, he said.

A victim to dry Christmas tree a couple of years back, I agreed he was probably right, so I set my sights on December 1. December 1 came and we spent the day preparing for his departure to Budapest/London so there was no Christmas tree to be had.

It's ok, I convinced myself. We'll wait until he comes home. December 8 would be our tree day. Mark came home and we both woke up on December 7 with our own brands of sick, I laid bedridden most of the afternoon and evening while he graciously played with Henry and let me sleep. December 8 I spent 5 hours in the waiting room at the afterhours care center trying to figure out what was wrong with me (nothing. doctor prescribed medicines i could not take because i am still breastfeeding which means i wasted 5 hours of my life on Saturday.). And still no tree.

Sunday, we skipped church. No use in sitting for 3 hours, spreading our germs, especially with Charity in the room, who has instilled in me the importance of keeping your germs to yourself! (I love you C!) With that extra 3 hours, I directed our family to a certain outdoor market with beautiful Christmas trees. We picked the perfect tree, strapped it on the hood, set our sights on home. And Sunday came and went and the tree was sitting in a bucket in the corner of our blue dining room.

Last night, I took Henry out to my sisters house in Virginia to spend time with Laura and her babes and all the cousins. It was a great time. We got home late, Henry was in his Christmas PJs, asleep in his car seat. I woke him up to go inside, carried him down the street from where we parked, and up the stairs where I witnessed a CHRISTMAS TREE! Lit up with twinkling lights in our bay window in a darkened room. We stepped inside, Christmas music playing, and all three of us stared at the tree. Ooooo, said Henry. You made my Christmas dreams come true, I said. I know you like this kind of stuff, Mark said (ha!).

 Well, thanks Mark for the perfect Christmas surprise. Christmas is finally here, and it couldn't have come in a better package. And now I get to go home tonight and gussy her up a bit. Still on the hunt for that perfect tree topper, maybe this year is our year?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good tree!

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hanner said...

i'm glad that robbie is the one who says that the christmas season is too short not to have a tree up the day after thanksgiving. a man after my own heart, he is. i'm glad you got your christmas wish!

also, our tree topper (that i love) is, embarrassingly, from walmart! a simple gold, glittery star amid tacky angels and barn stars. it was a christmas miracle when i found it.