Dec 20, 2012

he needs me.

We spent a long weekend in NYC last week and had some great family bonding time. I think Henry enjoyed it TOO much, because every morning this week, he starts crying when we leave him with the nanny. He never minded before! So with the holidays coming up, where we will spend 10 days together, I am a little nervous to think of how he'll react when we try to leave him to go to work. Poor baby. He just needs his mama and dada so much lately. Especially his mama. I keep telling Mark - he needs us for different things. He needs Mark to have fun and be loud and crazy, and hear good stories. And he needs me for hugs and kisses and cuddles. It's a little exhausting when he always reaches for me and walks to me and cries at my feet wanting to be held, but it's also the best feeling in the world. He loves me! He needs me! I love being Henry's mother. It's the best feeling, truly.

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