Aug 19, 2013

Somehow I'm busier than ever without a day job

How is this possible! I thought I'd spend these days of unemployment on leisurely walks to the playground, trips to the pool, visits with family and friends. But somehow all this moving garbage has really snuck up on us, not to mention random events that are coinciding with this big move, including:
my brother-in-law and his family moving from ABQ to Charlottesville, VA
throwing a sweet friend a baby shower
trip to Minnesota to see Laura and the kids
performing an instrumental duet in church with Mark (woot!)
family reunion in MD
trip to NYC (fingers crossed)

Ok, granted, I would maybe not be squeezing so much in if we weren't leaving so soon, but the pressure is on to see and do everything I never did all these years of DC/VA living. And so, yes, we will ride our bikes for a night time monuments tour, and yes we will drive out to that really dumb restaurant to eat those stupid pork salads I can't get enough of, and shoot I will do my best to visit every awesome playground we always pushed aside for another day. The months have whittled into weeks, and now we are t-minus 19 days until take-off, and my emotions have completely taken over. Everything we do makes me sentimental. Everything we don't do makes me sentimental. I'm getting all sappy and weepy just thinking about it, until I think of where we will be in a few months, once we've settled and the fog clears, and the reality sets in for our new life. It's just so much to take in.

One of these days, I'll sit down with a good book, drift off for an afternoon nap, and really have a day off. But I'm afraid that won't likely happen until we're under the gray London skies. And well, then we'll be in London and who has time to sleep when there is so much to explore!?


hanner said...

yeah i definitely hear you, i've never been busier since i've been at home all day. and i wonder, how in the world did i used to fit it all in? also, naomi and i emailed about how you and i should go up to NYC for a girl's day trip before you leave. just planting that seed in your mind to add to your completely packed calendar ;) said...

Wow. Seems like all everyone we know right now is moving to England. Seriously, it must be the place to be. But oh my gosh, you guys are going to be so cute in London! One of our favorite cities with one of our favorite families in it? Picture perfect.

We miss you guys. Maybe we'll throw all caution to the wind and just move there too.