Aug 26, 2013

This Monday has a case of the Mondays

I made this epic to-do list yesterday. You would not believe the amount of stuff there is to do in the next 2 weeks. It's painful. But, I was excited to wake up this morning and get to work on crossing off those to-do's - which I submit, there is nothing better than crossing those off!

And then...I remembered a doctor appointment I had in the morning. Ok, no biggie, Mark agreed to watch Hen while I went and then I'd take him to work.

So we get in the car and...the car won't start. Yes, our new(ish) VW was just not going to start. The same car that we are selling on Friday to someone who has already put money down on it. The same car that has never given us any trouble and FOUR DAYS FROM OUR GOODBYE, IT DIES. Really. Thankfully, it did start eventually, but I made a mental note that I'd go to the shop later in the day, after I crossed off some of those things from the list.

So we went to the DMV to get some paperwork for selling our car...and the DMV is closed. Really. The ineffective department of motor vehicles that always has a line out the door is also only open Tuesday - Friday. I shouldn't be surprised.

I decided to take Henry to the park, because we both needed a break. We stayed for a while, then got back in the car aaaaaaaand...the car won't start. For real this time. I call Mark and he agrees to come get the car while I take Henry home, and basically cry and get depressed because I'm not crossing anything off this epic to-do list and I have like 2 seconds before we move and I'm dying here.

Henry naps, and I post nearly everything we own on Craigslist. I get a few interested buyers. We decide to meet our friends at the pool. I bike over there with Henry because a stupid old broken car won't keep me from friends and pooltime. We have a great time with friends and enjoy the sun and amazing views and cool water. Then Henry takes a huge poop in his swim diaper. Thankfully it was contained, but oooooo if that wasn't the most disgusting adventure I've ever had - changing a poopy swim diaper.

Anyway, this day has royally sucked and I want a redo.

But on the bright side, our car is fixed (it was just a dead battery, of all things), I sold some of our furniture, and I got a workout on the bike and some time with friends - all things on my list! Oh, and I even cancelled our cable. So productive of me, I know.

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