Oct 1, 2013

Our flight to London and jet lag

The great thing about flying to London, Mark always said, is that you fly the red-eye and you arrive right in the morning like you never missed a beat. But, while that may work for him, it really doesn't work for our family! Boy, oh boy.

We took the 6pm flight - which was our first mistake - and arrived at like 6:30am London time. Too early to leave and too early to arrive! Henry was ok on the flight, but he was extremely preoccupied and excited, spent about 30 minutes poking around behind us (see above photo - you'd think the passengers in that row would be delighted to see a cute baby face, but they didn't even say hi, and Henry just kept waiting for them to talk to him. So sad!) and didn't fall asleep until nearly 10, then we had to wake up him at 2:30am his time and he stayed awake once we landed. We were all walking zombies, but we decided we'd walk around in the morning and take afternoon naps. We put Henry in his stroller and he was zonked by about 11, so we went back to our apartment to take a nap. SEVEN hours later, we all woke up. And then it took us about 2 days to get adjusted, but Henry was sleeping in until 10 or 11 for the first week. It was pretty great, I have to admit.

Next time we fly, we will take the 10pm flight and arrive at 10am like normal people, thank you very much. And that's what I recommend for you people, too. Unless you are like my Dad and fly all day because you are retired and don't care. :)

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