Oct 16, 2013

New home!

We've been in our house for about a week now. It's really lovely here. A leafy quiet little part of London, with secret parks on every corner to explore. I'm glad I spent all that effort selling most of our furniture in DC because we don't have room for much of anything here! It's a tiny place, but ironically it has the biggest and nicest kitchen of any place I've ever lived in. Thank you, London, I'll take it!

So now that we finally have a working bank account (it only took us 5 weeks to get it set up! Don't get me started on HSBC), it's time to fill in the holes and find a small desk for our computer and also...(wait for it)...a new sofa! Mark has resigned himself to the fact that it's sofa time, and he's just removed himself from the situation, which is probably best anyway. I've been looking on made.com, and Loaf. I've given myself this week to find "the sofa" in a random furniture store in London. You know, the perfect cute and comfortable sofa that costs around $200 and doesn't need any reupholstering or anything. I've been combing the streets of London on the dry days, and nothing yet. But tomorrow I head to Chalk Farm and Marylebone. If I don't find anything, I might even resort to an IKEA sofa, that's how much I'm trying to be flippant about this sofa situation. Last time was too much, though we did end up with a nice gray sofa that I liked, in hindsight. I'm really liking the rolled arm look, like this or this. We also need a bed frame, but the mattress on the floor is actually ok for now. Henry thinks it's his little playhouse, and we have a good time playing hide and seek under the covers and reading books on it.

We love having our stuff back. It already feels like a home here, even though we don't have a place to sit. On Sunday, my friend Cristy was in town for a visit, and she stopped by with a friend. They were our first official guests and they really helped our place feel even more home-like, even though we have piles of stuff littered around our living room, and we sit on pillows instead of sofas, and we hang out on our mattress on the floor in our bedroom as our lounge area. It's a little college-y, and maybe that's why I like it, for now. It feels like a familiar casual that gets you back in touch with your former self, you know?

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caitymay said...

What a beautifully British front door!