Dec 13, 2013


It is completely dark here by 4:00 every day.
Somehow this makes those wiggly 5-7pm hours so much harder to do.
Mark gets home sometime between 7:30 - 8:30, and sometimes, I'll be honest - I just turn on a movie when Henry wakes up because WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO.

We are going back to DC for Christmas and even though it's only been 3 months since we left, somehow this seems like the most welcome treat of my life. Family, good friends, and great food - what else is there?

I love London, and really this winter has been pretty mild so far - no snow, not a lot of rain, and we even see the sun most days. But. The meteorologists are calling for the worst winter in modern times starting at Christmas time (what do they know, right? RIGHT?) and I'm afraid that coming back to London after the holiday will be extremely hard on our sense of well being. Cold, snowy, darkness until Spring? I doth protest.

The silver lining is that when we come back, the sun will have started to set a little later every day. Maybe it will even be light until 4:15! Just think of the possibilities.


caitymay said...

It's annoying when it gets dark so early, but the flip side is long, balmy, gorgeous summer evenings! :) just keep those in mind as you get through your first British winter.

Patience said...

London's latitude is 51.5 N and the latitude of my home town is 55N. I feel your pain.. although I haven't felt it for quite sometime ;). What did I do to cope.. hmmm, well we ALWAYS went outside to play even if it was -30C and I'm not even joking. The beauty of winter in Slave Lake, Alberta was the absolutely stunning blue winter skies and the sun shining brightly while it was out. Maybe London will be the same? Get some good high quality gear and enjoy those daytime hours as much as you possibly can. Sorel's for the whole family!

Laura K said...

keep in mind Minnesota as you wish for more daylight. for us, it is dark around 430-5 and 0 degrees.