Dec 16, 2013

Bath, England.

Our first trip out of London was in September to Bath, when Papa Mickey was still in town. Oh, Bath. Looking through our photos a few months later, I wish we could transport ourselves back to that lovely town. I can't describe Bath without using the word lovely - it's pretty impossible. We squeezed a lot into 2 days in Bath - a visit to the Roman Baths, walked to the Royal Crescent, took a hint from Jane Austen and walked up Lyncombe Hill, and also visited the Jane Austen center where we learned all about her life and even got to dress up like locals. When in Rome. I have big plans to go back in the Summer, which coincidentally is when we hope to have some more visitors. (wink wink, visitor, that means you!)

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carve a path said...

You might enjoy Winchester, just over an hour on train from Waterloo. Originally the capital of England, it makes for a beautiful for a day trip. Best wishes on your return, at least we're moving into spring over here..eventually.