Dec 11, 2013

Germany, 3 seasons later.

Last Spring I went with my mom to Germany, for a family history/sightseeing vacation. I already wrote about the family history part of our trip to Marienbrunn, but life got busy and I never did share the rest of our trip. We spent some time in Frankfurt, Wurzburg, the Black Forest, and Munich. Looking back, there were many favorite parts to the trip, but maybe my favorite memory is the 4 hour baths we went to at the thermal springs in Baden Baden (no pictures of that one for obvious reasons). Or the bratwurst in Munich. Or driving through the black forest in search of a cuckoo clock. I hope I can return soon with Mark and Henry, I know they would love it, too (I'm looking at you bratwurst).

Our first day we drove, with severe jetlag, through the Black Forest to find my dear mother a cuckoo clock. We drove to Triberg, the capital of said clocks. And we found it. It's hanging on her wall and brings us all a smile every time we see, especially the little toddler boys in the family. The Black Forest is beautiful, haunting, and full of houses with solar panels, which makes me giggle. Germany has an outrageous policy that allows homeowners to put solar panels on their roofs and sell the energy at a premium price. Good thing Germany is not sunny Arizona, or the government would be totally bankrupt. :)

We spent the last bit of our trip in Munich. Munich totally stole our hearts, with its grand buildings, amazing food, and the friendly and spirited people! And all the bikes were just icing on the cake. It began to snow our first day there, which just added to the magic. We stayed near the town square, and were lucky enough to stumble on the Viktualienmarkt - an amazing market with German handmade goods, amazing food, and the best jar of mustard I've ever tasted. Oh, Mark and I fought over that mustard the whole month it lasted.

We spent a few days in Wurzburg and Frankfurt, as well, and that post is up next...soon. :)

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The Sullengers said...

I can't wait to hear about Frankfurt (cause that is where I was supposed to serve a mission....) Anywho, I'm always excited to see it!