Oct 21, 2014

Thoughts on toddlers and new babies

Henry has been on point lately. So funny, so charming, so sweet. And when he's not being that sweet charming toddler, he is the devils spawn. I don't know what to do with him some days! Getting very stubborn, who knows where he gets that from (ahem), I've had to readjust things around here lately to teach him about obedience, patience, and kindness. The things that are hardest in life to perfect (I have yet to be perfect in any of those qualities/virtues), but I'm trying.

Right now we're focusing on learning to say "May I have..." rather than "I WANT..." and every time I ask him if he wants breakfast, lunch, or dinner, he says "I don't WANT to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, I want to eat a snack!" How did he learn so quickly that snacks are so good? Maybe it has something to do with his 37 weeks pregnant mother who snacks all day long? ;)

He's also learned about the comfortable mass of pillows and duvets that is mama and dadas bed, and he throws a tantrum every time he gets told that he cannot take a nap and cannot go to bed in our bed, but has to go to Henry's bed. For the record, he's hardly slept in our bed (maybe 5 times since he was sleeping through the night), but I think he's latching onto the concept of soft, snuggly things. He asks to sleep with my big oversized cozy cardigan every night and last night asked for my fuzzy blanket, too.

I gave him a haircut yesterday and I did the worst job. He looks like a prisoner of war. It's so short, I almost cried. I wanted to cut it short enough so I wouldn't have to worry about cutting it for awhile, but I went a little drastic. Investing in some hats to keep his bald head warm in this chilly Autumn weather, and praying it grows back quickly.

Two and a half weeks until the due date. My hospital bag is halfway packed, I got a flu and whooping cough vaccination today, and with the chill coming in the air and the sun setting earlier every day, I'm realizing the fleeting moments of time spent alone with Henry are coming to a close. I keep thinking of this time 3 years ago, when I was waiting for our first little baby to come, not knowing what to expect. But now, I know how much love can fill your heart with the birth of a new baby, and the sweetness that comes in between those sleepless nights and panic-ridden cries (from everyone), and I just can't wait for those moments again. I get all moony just thinking about it. I know a new baby coinciding with my favorite months of the year (November and December) just puts me over the top, too.


Emilie said...

I did EXACTLY the same thing with Jude's hair. Didn't want to worry about cutting it after baby and made it way too short!

tipi tai said...

It's nice to hear that Hen appreciates fine knits and soft things. Can't wait till he discovers cashmere. In the meantime, does homeboy have a silkie?? Rhoda is starting to really love hers.