Oct 6, 2014

Weekend. Baby prep.

Baby prep is in full swing!

Baby clothes all being washed this week.
Stroller/pram testing done, waiting to buy one until Christmas time.
Adding new names to the possible names list because if there is one thing I'm bad at, it is settling on a name for a human! I can't even decide on blankets I like, let alone a name that is permanent. 
Buying new pacifiers (we call them babas, UK calls them dummies)
Researching if we really need an infant car seat since we do not own a car.
Packing hospital bags.
Buying snacks for labor (applesauce! making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!)
Researching water births/natural labor. Last time we tried hypnobirthing but 30 hours of back labor without pain relief was too much to hypno me, not to mention I had to get pitocin because I wasn't progressing and that epidural saved my sanity. Hoping it's a better go this time around.
Eating tums like candy.
Laughing every time Henry says, "That's a BIG MAMA" when he sees my bare belly.
Buying teeny tiny diapers and thanking myself for getting Henry (mostly) potty trained before baby #2. Still haven't tried night time potty training. Still waiting on it.
Enjoying my sleep while I still have it, even though the nightly pee wake-ups have appeared this week, happy for my comfortable bed and pillows (sorry about your 12 inches of sleeping space, Mark).
Enjoying our time with Henry to spoil him and snuggle him all we want. 

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